Getting shortchanged by 31% at Baskin Robbins

Fact : Penang people are all ‘kiam siap, kiasu, ai panjee, ai tua teh’ If there is any freebies or offers, they are going to fight and forego face water (pride) to get a piece. If you don’t understand, it means Penangites are known to be stingy, wanting to win all the time and expect things to come cheap but big and good.

Being a working day and all, I took my kids to Baskin Robbins after school. The first outlet in Pulau Tikus has several customers so I decided to drive to Fettes Park. When I went in with my 3 kids, the shop is totally empty. Read : No customer waiting to be served. One girl is re-arranging the icecream.

So, I rattled off – Pint – one green tea, one world class chocolate bla bla. In total 4 pints.

One Indian lady came after me and asked if she needs to take a number. The girl said no need. Fair. Then, she started to serve the Indian lady. She wanted to taste this, her son wanted that etc etc.

Out of nowhere a big bunch of people came in also. And I am getting annoyed.

Now, what got me pissed is the girl asked me to take a number. I got damn tiuss already. I said, “Look, I came in first. And I specifically heard you said no need to take a number to her (pointing to Indian lady).”

Indian lady cut in, “I came first.” Oh shit! Fine, no problem, so be it. I am not going to argue like a bunch of housewives haggling over the last piece of meat at the butcher.

I replied, “Ok, then I am second. Now, you can’t expect me to take a number and be 6th or 7th, can you?” Laser eyes beaming. Voice colder than their freezer.

A much senior staff knew that I am irked and came to attend to me immediately. Good.

I reached home and found that one of my icecream is not even full. Probably because the senior staff asked a newer staff to scoop it and she had forgotten to weigh as a big bunch of customers were crowding around, calling for attention.

So, Andreas of WOW, tell me how to get my complaints through like you have always done. Baskin Robbin Malaysia got website but under-construction only.

Baskin Robbins management :
1) Remember that customers like me who buy your icecream regularly, do not like to be treated like I can only afford them on every 31st of the month. (they are giving 31% discount today). I don’t deserve the annoying looks and sub-standard service from you ill-trained staffs.

2) Tell your staff to know where they placed the icecream. Goodness sake, they have to read through every label to find what to scoop.

3) Knowing our mentality, don’t allow free tasting on 31st. Puhleez, a big bunch of people are tasting like they are the only customer. They only intend to buy one scoop but tasted 4 flavours.

4) Customers are holding back your business because they can’t see the icecream on display as the glass windows has evaporation due to opening and closing of the display. Therefore, they stand there explaining things uncomprehensible like, “I want that icecream got a lot a lot of chocolate chips wan ah….Where ha? Where ha?” And your staff replied with even more uncomprehensible things. Therefore, more time wasted.

5) Does your business really increase with this 31st only promotion? I think not. Because on 1st to 30th, your outlets are mostly empty. Scrap the promotion, please.

6) Do I sound like a housewife on PMS? Maybe. But then, the customer is always right. Especially if they are housewives. LOL!

7) Tell your staff to be courteous to all. They never know who has the power of blog. Hahaha.

I swear I am not ever going to Baskin Robbins on 31st. 4 pints of icecream cost me RM61. I am not even sure how much I saved to justify my kek-khi-ness (anger). Everyone who do not want to appear like refugees waiting for food rations, please don’t fall into the same stupid thing I did. And yeah, icecream is very fattening. Don’t buy 4 pints unless you have 4 sons.

**Addition : Visit The Underdog for his definition on kiasuism. And don’t forget to see that I had won an award from him.**

27 thoughts on “Getting shortchanged by 31% at Baskin Robbins

  1. I was at Mid Valley today and had a pint. Cost me around 14 bucks but you can actually have 2 flavours in a pint. Not every month you can get a 31% discount. Heh

  2. Very, very nice. Really good – stand up for your rights, be demanding, oh you customers. Because it is you, who help business to survive.

    Baskin Robbins is part of the Allied Domecq chain of stores. Here is their contact in the UK:

    Allied Domecq PLC
    The Pavilions
    Bridgwater Road
    Bedminster Down
    Bristol BS13 8AR
    United Kingdom

    Tel: +44 (0)117 978 5000
    Fax: +44 (0)117 978 5300

    Send them a link of your entry and ask them for a comment. Why not?

    And wow, you even mention me.

  3. Thanks! WOW!

    Kenjiro – Remember? You are in KL! Same food but different playground.

    Wah Simon – Come I belanja you lah.

  4. Eh Lilian, next tiem I come back to Penang for my term break, you buy baskin robbins for me? *Hint hint, Pulau tikus and Fettes Park are both ON THE WAY to my house :D*

  5. Yuen Li – I only know Tom and Jerry. Here never heard of Ben & Jerry. Other choice is Haagen Daaz. But HD costs RM21 whilst BR is about RM5-6 cheaper. Another thing is HD targets lovers and adults and doesn’t have fancy flavours that kids love.

    Jinny – Sure, can, can. I am actually looking forward to meet some of the Penang bloggers like Andywittysqlr, Chee Aun and all. Just that never got around to arrange them. Let me know, we meet up next time?

  6. MCH!!! RM61.00 for icecream !!!! if i paying RM61 bucks for icekrim i’ll want them to lick my shoe clean also !!!! dem rich hor lu lilian ? buy me RB voucher and DHL me la!!

  7. Wow!! 61 bucks for ice-cream.. !! Lilian.. you very the CAN hor… šŸ˜‰
    MrsT too el cheapo.. chloe gotta eat ice cream only from macdonalds.. or ice cream from Scotburn.. no haagen daaz either.. šŸ˜‰ Ben and Jerry very popular here in canada.. šŸ™‚

  8. Mrs T – Not really a lot of money leh. Try dividing the number of persons in my house? Hahaha, 6 of us, that means only RM10 bucks.

  9. Wah,5xmom,how I wish my mummy also futlou like you! If we go makan,cannot let her know one..else she will nag nag nag until I faint le…

  10. MrsT I same with you, me n my family only can afford McD’s icekrim only …. RM1 / cone … when will i be able to afford to bring my family go eat BR?? *sigh*

  11. “i m only petronas cheras branch pump attendant only. I m in charge of pump no.3”

    Wei petrol pump attendant, thank you for your wishes.

  12. Baskin robbin, hmmm, I find nothing special about it. Just better than normal air-cream. I prefer Italian ice-cream.

  13. Moo_t – I never quite like Italian icecream. Tend to be too sweet. I was in Italy before and these people are so crazy for icecream wor. Every corner also got icecream. Dunno why. And yeah, drink coffee oso.

    Jinny – I am supposed to catch Chee Aun. Wonder where is he? I emailed him something, waiting for the reply.

  14. complain to Allied Domecq PLC for what? they couldnt be bothered. get in touch with the local franchise owner: Golden Scoops Sdn Bhd. If you need contact details, mail me at noel.chelliah [at]

  15. My dad (him being so fierce and all) taught me how to stand up for my rights. Eversince he have been wrongly dismissed by his previous company (now in High Court), all of ur were taught not to be bullied by kononnya big shot companies or people.

    I forgot what happened but I remember that there was once, I was mistreated by a waiter, I kept quiet until the end (dun wanna risk them spitting into my food or drinks) and then I/Naz called the restaurant manager and complain to him. Another occasion was at MidValley GSC, it was kinda annoying that they pushed us from one counter to another because this counter is not in charge of one of the big big movie (they have designated counter for it to prevent massive lines but did not make it clear) and heck, you all share the same system, can’t you just key in for 2 tickets?

    Well, what you did was right….I love Baskin Robbins…especially their Royale Mousse Chocolate tambah with Very Bery Strawberry…hahaha…BUT I’ve never visited them on the 31st before. I think I didn’t wanna risk my flavour being SOLD OUT or being treated they way they treated you

  16. Hello my name is stephanie IM 12 years old, I love baskin rabbins my favriot ice cream flavor is choclate chip,and rainbow sherbert ,I would appriciate it if you would give me a call to see if you could send me theses two big bukkets of ice cream thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u d best……………………………

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