I am not a good mommy because…

I am not a good mommy. I am not a good mommy. I am not a good mommy. (repeat 100X)

I am not a good mommy because other mommy plaid her daugther’s hair and put nice nice ribbons:

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while I laughed till I peed in my pants and said under my breath,
“Who the hell has time to plaid FIVE plaids on each side of her daugther’s head and put such a gawdy, ugly, stupid looking ribbon on her already dumb looking daughters! And she did the same for both daughters! And dressed one of them in transparent materials with sequins to attend a primary school family day under Penang scorching, burning sun!”

I am not a good mommy because I let my son went to school with my durian hairstyle.

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I am not a good mommy because while other mommies were busy snapping photos of their precious kids on ponies rides, colouring contests and whatever boring stuff available ….
(sorry, boring photos don’t deserve my diskspace)

I snapped photos of the 2nd coolest guru besar I met whom has a loud hailer, big KKC (as in camera la), one-man show in dealing with all the functions simultaneously and merely need to point his fingers to get the bunch of boys scurrying. And I even got a photo of a German shepherd too, which is the Polis DiRaja Malaysia drug sniffing dog. I wonder if I am a drug addict, the dog would tear me apart?

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Oops, have I cropped the photo wrongly? Yikes, I hope my blog doesn’t attract too many female dogs!

*this blog was wrongly published earlier when I haven’t finished writing. I already received one very flattering comment.*

So, to whoever wanna come by and start making a fool of themselves by calling me names, come. Where this blog is concerned, I don’t care what you want to think of me. Because, I am one helluva of great mommy. I am not a good mommy because I am a great mommy. Geddit?

On an unrelated note – I have just bought a new domain today. It will be the website for my grief support group for bereaved parents. This is going to take up some of my time but I believe it is a worthwhile project. I have spent some of my own money, a lot of my time and plenty of my tears to draw together the network for parents with ill children and bereaved parents (two seperate sites). Plus my parenting forum and website. What drives me? The fact that each day, I have the chance to do something to help others and make a small difference in their daily life.

IT guys out there, SOS please. I need someone to help me put up the phpBB forum and redirecting. I only bought a domain name and will temporarily park my grief support group forum elsewhere. Write to me if you can help? My email link is at the side panel? I am currently the owner and site admin for www.mymomsbest.com/forum. I believe I should be able to manage once the forum is installed.

27 thoughts on “I am not a good mommy because…

  1. Hey.. Lilian.. šŸ™‚
    Of course yer a great mom..!!! the bestest too.. i must add..!!! i wish my mom was as funky as you .. šŸ™‚

  2. Every mom has its unique beauty. And I am sure you are a great mom in your own ways šŸ™‚

    I love my mum for who she is and even if there are other funky moms, who don’t nag so much or restrict my freedom, who are cool and trendy…

    My mum will still be the best one in my eyes.

  3. I like your son’s hairstyle so much,exactly like mine. From the hair, already can see that he is so the handsome liao.

  4. Salute to The Great MUM

    Agreed for what yunshyuan say, every mom has its unique beauty, its not good that mention you wish your mum like some other peopl ..

  5. being a working mom, and as busy as she can be, my mom actually enjoyed the pleasure of braiding my hair with colorful ribbons n all. ur sons are soooo cute on their own, no need funky hairdo pun takpe….

  6. Braid my girl’s hair? Aiyoh! Who’s got the time??? I once asked a mother of 3 boys and a girl where she found the time to braid her daughter’s hair. She told me she has no idea how to braid hair. Her maid did it. *Skipping off* singing Gonna Find Me a Maid to braid my girl’s hair and she can do mine too while she is at it. Khihkhikhikhi. And BTW you got it wrong lah, you are a good mommy becos you are a lousy mommy lah. Same here!

  7. MG – Braid hair, I love. But 5 braids on each side? Because I am extremely sweet and nice, I did not elaborate on the mom. Can’t do that nowadays because people who can’t stand me, loves to read my blog. (pointing above yr comment)Don’t want them to spend too much time feeling compelled to comment and come back again and again to check what I responded.

    Simon – Glad u notice! Hahaha, to please the she dogs.

    Belacan – For sure ler, tak kan you know how to braid hairs? Silap-silap, all tangled. LOL!

    Vaveevum – Hi! Welcome. If I have daugthers, I would probably enjoy braiding and putting ribbons too. But then, I can only dream. Unless, my son wants to keep long hair. LOL!

    Ah Knight – kam siah

    Mr Kiasu – Hahaha, like that kind of hair got character hor? yau yeng like Mr Kiasu.

    Yunsyuan – Yes, all moms are special in their own way.

    Mrs T – *hugs to all great moms*

    Silencer – What I wonder is what kind of image the girls need to live up to when they are older. You know, spending their whole purpose of existence trying to keep up to that certain image. Parental and society pressures mah. So, the end result is even more screwed up young people.

  8. wow..where got so many time to plaid hair like tat hor? maybe next time let SQ have ur son durian hair better laa…save those ribbon money & time..

  9. Yeah, msau – 10 plaits on one girl, the older girl 8 plaits. So total 18! I have seen the mom around for a while liao. Beauty is everything to her so her daugthers must also learn from young lor.

  10. Yahor, sexymama. LOL, as if I need a reminder from a mother of almost equally many sons that we won’t get to braid the hair. Hahaha. Let’s sour grape together?

  11. I luv braided hair on little girls, they’re soooo cute. My brother braids my niece’s hair coz she wun let anyone else do it.

  12. your “luilians” might one day kao-sua the “dumb looking daughters” dressed in transparent materials with sequins. in our chinese soc. it’s the male who’ll folk out for the matrimonial do-da. wonder who’ll have the last laugh? have 2 liulains myself; i share your pain.
    sometimes, those dumb-mamas ain’t so dumb after all but far-sighted. for every ah lian, there might be 2 or more ah bengs.

  13. my mom braid my hair…but she didn’t do until 5 braids one side..all she did was tie french braids…dats all…..I didn’t thikn I like it coz until now…I still prefer to keep a simple ponytail

  14. Twinsmom – Definitely ‘cos the mom, aiyoh…I got her photos. Hahahah. Must take her a whole morning to get make-up, hair done etc to come out.

    fishfish – Yes, nice name. Picked by Min aka Mrs. Patrick Teoh (the ex-DJ, now actor’s wife?)

    Alphonso – Dun lar, this one cuma biology lesson only mah. Ini anjing, ini badan anjing, anjing ada empat kaki…..

    Jinny – It wasn’t only the braids but the ribbons. Gosh, it looks like two boxes perched on the head.

    Simon – Like wong fei hong like that? But men in pony tails, if carried off in a macho way is attractive.

    S-Kay – Yeah pony tails are sweet.

    Mike – Yayaya, I am making Ah Bengs out of my kids now.

    Mystic – Wow, your brother is one cool dad. Isn’t braiding hair very difficult and takes some skill?

  15. Lilian’s Big KKC snaps a photo of Police Dog’s KKC. *claps handS*.. *brings Angel to come look see*

    *Angel is my female shihtzu+pekingnese dog:D

  16. I so love your blog la aunty lilian! Never fails to make me laugh! As I have said almost a million times *exaggerating*…u’re a darn cool mom!!

  17. Great – when I coloured my hair, years back, my parents nearly fainted. But hey – it was cool, and we shouldnt discouraged our kids from exploring.

    Great as well that you explore new areas for parents. You are fantastic.

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