IRC Channel for Bloggers

I copied & pasted this from Wingz’s blog who copied from

IRC Channel for Bloggers

#MalaysiaBloggers in DALnet.
An IRC channel has been setup by kljs in DALNET (

Bloggers are welcome to join us, first you need to have an IRC client installed (MIRC), if you dont click on the lick (wingz wrote this), download the program and install it.

Choose a nick, key in your particulars and type this :

1. /server
2. /join #malaysiabloggers

Viola! and you are in! Hope to see you there!

Thanks to JxT2J for the info.

To refresh all the bloggers’ memories, MalaysianBloggers is a forum set up by LiewCF. We have many biggie bloggers there and also many IT wizards. So, if you have a blog, hop on to MalaysianBloggers and be a member. There is a host of wonderful tips, advices related to blogging and the internet. We also hang out at the mamak to discuss about other issues. Mari, mari. Mari blog sama-sama. (This is Petai’s term kopirighted.)

4 thoughts on “IRC Channel for Bloggers

  1. I’m also a member of Malaysia Bloggers Forum.

    BTW 5xMom, I’m back to my blog already. I didn’t blog for the whole week because got exam.

  2. Yeah, come join us at the IRC channel and talk about everything and anything you want! šŸ™‚

    Thanks lilian. šŸ™‚

  3. kakaka soli soli … the revised version is out! that one no spelling mistake one lol

    Sings *malilah mali~~~ mali IRC~~~*

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