Males and their pee-ing habits

Come, come. Come and have a bowl of errr…..chrysanthemum tea?
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It was the bowl yesterday. Today, it is his brother’s fav. cap. Before that, it was the dustbin. Or sometimes, some plastic containers or the hamster running ball.

And he thinks he is being clever and expects me to clap and sing the ‘oh you are so clever, I am so proud of you’ song.

I had proclaimed very arrogantly that kids know how to pee when they are ready. I don’t need to go through the toilet-training grind nor buy blood-sucking expensive books written by some ang moh MD, PhD to teach my kids how to pee. Or spend money on some expensive potty.

All males have the natural instinct, built in by the Engineer of all time, God. And I have proven it, haven’t I?

**here on, it is written by toddler, age 2, ok?**
If you need to pee, you pee. Who cares where you pee as long as mommy says ‘You are sooooooo clever!!!’ After all, didn’t the adults, like my papa, who pee along highways? Or my big kor-kor who peed into mineral water bottles or mommy who peed into the sea?

Anyway, mommy won’t scold me because the bowl comes free with the fridge we bought. If I peed into my diaper, it cost her 55 sen. I peed into the bowl, papa can use it to mix his paints or something.

But nowadays, I dunno why no one dares to take the cup left on the table and just drink it. And mommy would taste her coffee a bit before gulping it. They’d are sooo paranoid. Why ah?

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On Astro Channel 35, NHK – they have this cute show called My Mother shown around 12.10 noon. Let your toddler watch it. Very nice way to learn toilet training, brushing teeth and wearing pyjamas. And you also get to learn Japanese. Genkiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! Inaii inaiii (someone tell me wtf is that?) I sing it all the time but dunno what the heck I am singing.

Question – Where is the weirdest place you have peed?
Me? In bed, as a grown adult, pregnant, of course. LOL! While having dreams that I finally found a toilet which has a door. Shit!
Come on, don’t be shy. Tell me!

15 thoughts on “Males and their pee-ing habits

  1. Jayelle,
    It was a bowl for his dinner, actually. There are some eggs and noodle there. Finish dinner, “soo-pin or liu” into the same container. Cannot be KKC, they sing it every day.

    Hazel – Price we pay for getting pregnant, bearing babies.

    Fishtail – You heard the old grandma tales before? If you pee onto an ants nest in mid afternoon, your KKC will get swollen. One of my neighbour back in the kampung days, peed out of his bedroom window. (last time got outhouse/jamban only mah) His KKC got swollen too because they said he accidentally peed on the passer-by datuk-kong’s head (supposed to be some Malay spirit some people worship). So, everytime when I was small, and need to pee, I will sembahyang, left, right and all around to ask, ‘excuse latuk kong, go away please, I need to shee-shee’. LOL!

  2. in a bus !!! the toilet is outta order!! hafta pee in the lounge (which is vacant) into a 2(two) 500ml mineral bottle!!!! so difficult to aim while the bus is moving and my kkc too big to fit into the bottle so yea the 1st bottel got filled to the maxED! and then continue with the 2nd bottle. I spilt alot on the carpet too!!! buden again dats not me, dats my frend! KAKAKAKA!!!

  3. I live in the woods – nobody to be seen anywhere – a tree will do, although I usually don’t even bother… my dog seems to think that’s important though, he prefers trees, but in the city anything that happens to be there will do, even just the sidewalk if he just finished sniffing up some other dog…

    btw – found this at

  4. small that time pee at road side had to say “cheng cheng gong gong” so as not to offend the whoever earth god living underneath :pP~

  5. Actually, even now, when no choice and have to take my girl to pee at roadside, I still say, “che mer chem mer, SZ or zhi zhi”, cant discard the habit, still believe got spirits!

  6. i remember peeing at roadsides when we’re on a long trip to Kota Bharu..that also if my dad can’t find petrol kiosk

  7. I will never see apple juice and chrysanthemum tea in the same light again…:(

  8. My kids also like this TV show, my son learn brushing teeth and wearing pyjamas from this show too šŸ˜›
    I also sing this song everyday but dunno what it mean. Like chocolantang.. i know from the other chinese show seem copy them and it mean chocolate island wor.

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