5 thoughts on “John 4:14

  1. how come ah, you always like to take pictures of flowers, scenery, lily one. Is this one in your house compound or not. If yes hoh, you must have a very the big garden. I am only living in apartment nia. Haiyo.

  2. Existence is larger than life or death. An identity exists whether it is in the state of life or in the state of death.

    Life and death are but two faces of your eternal, ever changing existence, however. Feel and appreciate the joy of your own being. Many live into their nineties without ever appreciating to that extent the beauty of their being.

    You have lived before, and will again, and your new life, in your terms, springs out of the old, and is growing in the old and contained within it as the seed is already contained within the flower.

  3. mwt – I wish I can comprehend what you were trying to say. But I am sorry that I am cannot understand. Die or no die better? Live again as the same person or become new person?

    cj – I viewed it oredi. Wah…must make it so dramatic meh? Watch too many Singaporean series liao hor?
    Sweetspirits – Thank you. I found this verse jumping out at me. I posted something I shouldn’t earlier (already deleted) and this morn, this verse was telling me to have faith. So, I quickly get one nice pic and put the verse.

    Mr Kiasu – Aiyoh…if my house got such nice garden, I no need to sit here with no life liao. I would be out socialising with a chauffeur driven limousine. The photo is taken from our Penang Municipal Park (youth park) and yes, I love taking photos of flowers. And lotus is my name.

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