Yikes, Penang, the island of thieves

I was amused when I read Fishtail’s blog ‘The Thieves Market’. The next day or two, I saw in The Star paper about thefts involving garden plants. In the paper, they showed this plant being under lock and key. Being a Penangite, this made me blush. Hokkien words spewing, ‘Cilaka, anneh pun ai thau thek, xiaxuey lang’ (shit, like that also want to steal, so embarassing).

Finally, I found the tree! I had been wanting to go near and took the photo but only tonight, I got my chance.

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It is a lovely patch of greenery in the middle of a road divider along Jalan Farquhar, just outside the Penang Museum. I crossed the road, squatted down with my camera and happily snapping away. Suddenly, I realised that passer-bys may think I am a plant thief. Yikes, I hope no one snapped my photo in return. Or else, I will appear in the paper as – Blog Soh caught stealing plants.

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I hope all of you find this amusing. One single plant under lock and key. Poor tree. Terrible islanders.

12 thoughts on “Yikes, Penang, the island of thieves

  1. the authority actually caught someone red-handed while stealing the plant, and he drove a bmw! so it’s not any sebarang thief, it’s some rich thief. something is seriously wrong with the civic mindedness with penangites. too bad i am a penangite too. haha.

  2. For shame!!!! They should publish the photos of those thieves in a public place. This is beyond childish pranks. This is GREED pure and simple. Confiscate his BMW!!!!

  3. Wah, BMW also want to steal? he can just fair well buy 100 and still have change to buy another 100…. 🙂

  4. Tell the truth Lilian u are the plant thief hehejust joking,i thought the part about you getting caught as tree thief funny hehe I can see the headlines now
    5xmom steals 500x exotic flowers hhehe.
    Have a nice wkend tcz

  5. wahhhhhhh…kesian the tree..tree also got no freedom (kena locked), now the society is memang masalah betul..

  6. Twinsmom – Malu-fying
    OJ – Yalor, your pokok kelapa oso need lock hor? I give you as bird-day present ok?

    MMG – Yes, indeed.
    Sweetspirit – Hahaha, I was in a compromising position.

    Kljs – I think it is the thrill or probably people who drive BMW got rich by stealing. LOL. just sourgrape, BMW owners donch hate me ok?

    cj – Really? I wish they snapped a photo of the thief and put it on the paper.

    Mrs T & Romantic – I really don’t know what to say. There seems to be no conscience stopping them.

    Katsmew – Crime of the tree? Because it did not bear nuts.

  7. I’ve seen a fence put up around a lone mango tree, but that’s understandable. The funny thing is tht the branches and fruits drape down beyond the fence, lol.

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