5xmom needs to get a life indeed

I have been playing Peeping Jane. *sigh* I seriously need to get a life. Maybe sign up some line-dancing course (uwekkkk) or learn pottery (yawwwwnnn). Share with you some photos I snapped today:

Shit, I dunno what the hell they are doing. Maybe those of you who claimed to evolve according to Darwin’s theory can tell me, huh? All the monkeys are doing that. I should have captured them on video but I was too excited and forgot.

Talking heads (TH) in motion:

TH : 5xmom, you seriously need to get a life

5xmom : Hell! This is my life! I am the good good mommy who took her kids to the park for a dip and monkeying at the playground.

TH : But what are you doing peeping on monkeys?

5xmom : What else you expect me to do? I have only three choices:

A) Sat there on the bench and capture endearing moments of my kids playing together and snap some natures (like the monkeys).

B) Sat there on the bench and ogle retired uncles in their singlets, flabby muscles jiggling when they are on those exercise machine.

C) Go on those machines given by the Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP), spread eagle, lie flat and exercise my thighs and upper bod, hoping to get Kim’s pair of legs (or more like Kenny’s la).

C is definitely out of question because uncles there may get a heart attack due to excitement or Viagra’s sale may suddenly shoot up. Hey, I just waxed my legs and had a french manicure & pedicure today, ok? (bluff la)

B is not a good choice ‘cos uncles may pick me up and I may be too busy swooning (due to bau ketiak) and forget to look after my kids.

So, I choose A. Take photos of nature.


I never win any contests with slogan writing, so donch blame me if my quotes are not funny, ok?

13 thoughts on “5xmom needs to get a life indeed

  1. Oooohhh… animal porn!

    And to think I suggested my sister (a SAHM/soon-to-be-blogger) to look at your site for inspiration.

    Stupid Kenny Stupid Kenny Stupid Kenny Stupid Kenny…

  2. The best to expose kids to sexual education is to brng them to the zoo, guranteed to be ‘educational’ then you’ll have a long talk about the birds and the bees and how ‘friendly’ the monkeys are getting on with each other, well go see the elephants at zoo negara, they’re often amorous.

  3. For kepochi Klang Valleyer, you can play some close encounter with the monkey at Batu Caves. If you want excitements, you can bring food there and get rob by the monkey.

  4. kekeke… luilian ahhH
    i think mOnkeys are so curioUs wats inside the butt…

  5. Rachel – kekeke, I thot foreplay.
    Twinsmom – The mood for romance was all over the place and there are 3 pairs of monkeys doing the same thing.
    moo_t – In Penang, monkeys are very smart. They don’t allow feeding monkeys in the park but these smart monkeys stay out of the ‘fine’ boundary….LOL! Smarter than our council people.

    Kervin – Hahaha, my kids did not observe so I can go into the birds and the bees.
    Simon – Yeah, bored to death. Got sick of blogging so went out on a mission.

    Kenny – Yeah, bad example indeed. Your sis may end up lazy like me. Do nothing but sit in front of PC all day.

    Romantic – You should see the monkey’s expression, so focussed on the ‘job’.

    Yuen Li – Yaya, the darker side of me.

    Silencer – That’s what I thot too but the funny thing is 3 pairs of monkey doing it and then, later they berasmara pulak tu.

    Penny – Thank you for the reminder. LOL!

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