The traditional husband

I read Hustler’s blog and was amused with these:

“The thing about Shanghai you should note is that the women are damn fierce! I always see their women bashing their male spouses with handbags and screaming at them. The men there are pretty docile, that’s what I’ve heard.” – Quoted by Hustler’s friend.

Back here, someone else gave me a different impression of husbands. *ahem, ahem, clearing throat to make the unpopular confessions.*

Wingz said…err … soli hor im a very traditional kinda lowkung hor šŸ˜› if not then i might as well hire a maid ? its a lot cheaper than having a wife! šŸ˜›

Does this make some of you ladies who are wives, jumping out of your seat in disgust? How about those young ladies who flamed me and accused me of being a sexist/subdued/whatever bitchy names you labelled me? No? Then, let’s hear what I replied to Wingz,

5xmom said… Hahaha, my lowkung (husband) also always say that. “aiyah…why I so sitoopid, should have hired a maid. And after paying for kais (prostitutes), still got plenty of money left.” LOL!

So, does this means that generally, men like to be the traditional husband? What is a traditional husband? Someone who expects his wife to wait on him, does most of the houseworks, child rearing and serves him? I suppose so. I know that most men, nowadays do their share of domestic duties but in truth, I believe they would prefer to be just being MAN.

OK, OK, I am not an abused wife. My lowkung irons his own clothes, helped out in most things, do all the DIY male jobs like plumbing, wiring, hacking (walls la), drilling (cabinets la) and I can safely leave the kids to him whenever I have to go out.

But of course, there are times when he would grumbled, grumbled and said what he said above. Which in fact is true. I mean, why would a man bother to get married? What for? He can find pleasures by exchanging with money. He can have his clothes ironed by the launderette, food cooked by the caterer, house cleaned by the maid and if he wants to play daddy, maybe get a dog or cat?

I know there are lots of stay-at-home-dads (SAHD) nowadays, I know women have equal rights etc etc. But still, I believe deep down, secretly, men love to be the traditional husbands, whether they dare to admit or not. And women ought to play along and be the submissive wives, sometimes. It ensures family harmony.

*Hate me. I donch care. I enjoy writing this. MrsT, MG……and so many other women who are wives, HELP!!!! Please save me!*

**Addition : Decides to add this photo in to prove that my lowkung is great with the kids. See how cosy they are with him?
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  1. It’s true that Shang Hai women are fierce, that’s what my housemates, who are from China, said. I realised that Chinese (China) husbands are different nowadays. They cook, they work, they do house chores, esp those from Northern Part of China.

    My parents are like you and your husband, except my Dad doesn’t iron his clothes, doesn’t do the plumbing etc. He’s the ATM. He’s the traditional type of husband.

  2. Hi Eileen
    I can’t imagine husbands kena bashed by the wives. LOL! Errmm..he irons his own clothes because no one can get the perfect pleats, smoothness/shiny surfaces like he can. I beh tahan that fussiness and errmmmm…never touch the iron before.

  3. I know Shanghai girls are pretty fierce, that’s really true. Last time when i visit china, wah look at the girls, not soft soft at all. Cannot tahan man.

  4. Buden hor, the traditional husband sometimes wants the traditional PLUS modern wife as well. Like dat how? ie. wife must be goody goody do all the housework etc but must still be smart and intelligent and work. Luckily hor in my house tho I do most of the work, at least the plates do levitate to the sink and the socks levitate to the laundry basket not just left lying around. Hee hee.

  5. wahlau! is it the weather in penang or husband goes on strike, nobody to do the laundry or iron, eh? i think most china women are thick skin. my sister-in-law from hainan called the police to arrest my brother after losing some arguement in the middle of the night; and it’s in sydney.

  6. wah, shanghai mui so garang wan ar? nowadays me thinks kat KL quite susah to be traditional husband liao coz most wifey’s oso working. wifey where got time to yingchau hubby’s demand? choi lei tak sor er. but in places like bentong and raub, masih ada lar šŸ˜‰

  7. Hahaha, yeah.. I think I have to admit that I kinda like the idea of a traditional husband. Though the idea of a submissive wife is tempting, [like the Japanese wives during the samurai era] I think it’s more practical to let the wife have a career od her choice.

    If she wants to be a SAHM oso fine, it IS where she is originally intended be anyway. But as a husband, I think I’d like to come home from a long day at work greeted by my kids and woman šŸ™‚

    Isn’t that what famly is for?

  8. Wuah!! put me on table !!! I can do everything including housechores better than my wife can. Yes! i wanna be a traditional lowkong, everyone in my family have a role to play even my 2 y/o kid (he cleans up his own toys) Everyone must contributes towards the family well being bcoz to have an great family is not an individual effort.

    These days traditional lowkong “mm yee jow”, so kena pandai pandai sindiri larrr hehe!

  9. Wingz – Wise man.

    Silencer – Lagi wise man, for a young man like you.

    Mr Belacan – Eler…I am sure at home, Mrs Belacan (I hope she doesn’t mind this name LOL) also pamper you kau kau la. Of course, having to help out at home is a must la. If not, we women will sure mogok wan.

    Mr Kiasu – Cannot tahan as in you want to get one for yourself or scared you?
    Mike – I am from Hainan also. Probably it is in our genes. LOL. Nolah, what is wrong with helping out with the chores at home?

    MG – That will be another different topic liao.

  10. Aiyoh, whether the man should or should not be a tradinal low-kong, or whether the wife should be a traditional low-poh, it’s still between them. There’s no right or wrong, good or bad, just their choice.

  11. I agree with 5xmum on this statement “I know that most men, nowadays do their share of domestic duties but in truth, I believe they would prefer to be just being MAN.” coz my dad is one of the example..hahaha..whenever mum is around during weekend, he will initiatively help out to sweep the floor la, mop the floor la…WHEN mum went outstation, then he goyang goyang kaki infront of television…hahahaa..

  12. My dad started washing clothes (using washing machine, of course) since a few years back, when we, the kids getting bigger and moved out. he said, because he has nothing to do. ya lar. same like the husband. he’s the one who do the laundry. but somehow, I wish he could cook, iron his own clothes, take care of Amir, sweep the floor.. yahahaha.. bad wife!

  13. Yupp, Shanghaimui quite fierce wan. Besides that, it’s the same thing at Hangzhou and Suzhou. I went there last year, and the tour guide told us that.

    My dad sweeps the floor at home, wash shirt for us, wash our shoes, hang clothes…all by him. Superman.

  14. Want to know what China ppl, not just Shanghai girls, but also Sichuan girls, Guangdong girls, ask me…. I had 4 China housemates once!

    Suffice to say, few months after that, I moved out of that apartment unit.

    Beh tahan… really beh tahan…. man, the girls are spoilt brats, fierce, revengeful… act like they’re Queens of the world and we must bow to them.

  15. My mother has the greatest husband but I don’t have the greatest dad. My dad cooks, wash clothes everyday with hand and put them in the washing machine, clean the kitchen’s floor everynight and he helps with a lots of chores but we seldom talk to each other. Not that we have a problem but just that whenever I am down with a problem, I will always refer to my mum …
    Don’t get me wrong, I love him and care for him but I find it difficult to communicate to him …
    It has been this way for the past 20 over years

  16. Adoi, so many comments. Nvm, been busy today so I try to reply oni a few ok?

    Ken – I wonder if being too ‘homely’ made you feel ‘disconnected’? I know some men are like that, helping all over the house. Make hay while the sun shines. Go and start to find the bond? Oh yes, thank you for dropping by.

    People – My apek not nikid la, he in cap pagoda t-shirt/pjyama, so that’s why I blacken it. LOL!

    Conclusion – Chinawomen are damn fierce. Mr Kiasu bery sked.

  17. China man getting more and more difficult to find wife liao, so after got one mah treat her like queen lor. and ten more years I think China will slowly become gay land liao. with wife wan also become “gay”.

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