Of boobs, breasts and bras

About a week ago, there were two blogs about me and bras. Someone commented that I must be really embarassed about them. Of which I replied, “Breast is just another organ like nose or ears and bra is a piece of clothings. No big deal about that.”

Well, let’s not forget that I am the owner of the first Malaysia breastfeeding and parenting website cum forum which has 700 members. I talk about breasts almost daily and therefore, hope to one day educate all the people to look at breast or rather, what they referred to as boobs, differently.

Many women had actually been foolish enough to die in the quest of trying to alleviate these mammary glands to the level of ‘to die for sexual tools’. Yeap, they went for plastic surgeries from doctor quacks which turned horribly wrong. And there are also plenty of women who have these inferior complex about sagging breasts and will not hesitate to spend millions of dollars in trying to be perfect.

I mean, come one la, there is more to a woman than these two fleshy, orbs right? Can’t women learn to be more self-assured than to let minor stuffs like these to cloud their self-worth?

Take a look around you the next time you go shopping, whether in pasar malams or upmarket shops. Do you notice that ALL bras are padded? They come in all kind of paddings too. From air, water, silicone, gel, sponge to what-nots.

I remember when I was much younger, bras were just merely cloths. Only the very old aunties and the real airports (flat chested) whom had no chance of men ever seeing them naked would opt to wear bras with sponges. Isn’t wearing bras with so much paddings and artificial support sort of like lying to the world?

Now let’s talk about breasts? Breasts most important function, like what God intended them for, is to provide food for babies. Jesus was breastfed, Nabi Muhammed was breastfed and I believe Lord Buddha too, since he was born in the jungle with no formula milk. Think about it? What does your mom means to you? The person that you respect the most, isn’t it? Other than God, isn’t your mom the most sacred person?

Why then, does your mom’s bosom did not turn you on but some bimbos’ ones do? Why indeed? I can’t explain too. Does a woman’s breasts provide you the same security that your mom used to provide? Or is it because the breast stands out and hence, become eye-catching? Heck, I also do not know.

However, I do find it amusing when the holiest of men, can subconciously swift their eyes to the breasts. It has happened many times before and I think it amusing because it just made them so silly. One of my favourite past time when lingering around in public places is to observe these obedient looking husbands who tried to cucimata without their wives’ notice. They can look so damn stupid, I tell you. Ladies, try to do that the next time when you are in public places. See how they try to act innocent, yet their eyes couldn’t resist and their heads are sort of angled in a funny way?

I hope people will look at breasts differently. Especially mothers-to-be and even more so, fathers-to-be. The health of your child depends on breastfeeding. Try to see beyond the sexual function of the breasts. See it as food provider. Like the ‘Meet The Fockers’ movie, Robert DeNiro made it sound so suave, “Breastfeeding is a natural thing to do.” (or something like that)

Can you see the purpose of breasts now? Will you still get turn on with those silicon-filled ones you see on porn sites? Are you going to let some less-than-perfect breasts made you feel inferior?

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18 thoughts on “Of boobs, breasts and bras

  1. Auntieeeeee… you’re contradicting yourself!

    If breast is just another organ like your eyes and your ears, then there shouldn’t be anything wrong with guys looking at it right?

    I mean, I’ve never heard my gf said to me “I CAUGHT YOU LOOKING AT THAT GIRL’S EARS!!!!”

  2. my husband is not the type of cucimata-ing person. wah, thank God for giving him to me =))

    well, i think men love to look at them, simply because they dont have any.

  3. Agree totally. Just to share a thought, if you read the King James Version (bible), you will note that many references were made to the breast, in the likes of “comfort of your mother’s breast” or something to the effect,in psalms, ecclesiastes, even the new testament.
    Before i was a mom and before i breastfed my babies, i used to ignore these references, cos 1) dont understand its significance 2) kind of shy they kept mentioning “breast”. And only when I read a commentary recently, that the breast provides comfort to suckling babes; that it hit me. If you are a mom, you will understand, those times when newborn babe would suckle almost every other hour, and then people around you say no enough milk, give formula, etc etc. Heck, baby suckle because the breast was meant to give them comfort.
    So anyhow, plse dont oggle and think less of moms breastfeeding their babies in public. Breasts are not meant for sexual pleasure but also to nourish and nurture a babe.

  4. correction: …. not meant for sexual pleasure only but also to nourish and nurture a babe.

  5. Kenny – It was a two part thing here. Part One, I was telling a 17 yrs guy that breast is part of the human body, like a biology lesson. Part Two, men ogle and get shifty eyes kinda thing is not ‘normal’ leh. If a man have the same effect like looking at a pair of ears, he also something wrong liao leh. So, you are a breast man also, ya?

    Hazel – Lucky you.

    Mrs B – Yes, it is sad that many young fathers get turn off with the act of breastfeeding and claim the properties as theirs. They lost the most precious bonding with their child.

  6. Well said Lilian.

    Recalled my conversation with one of my male friends last time when I questioned him why men like looking at girls esp the upper part despite having female accompany? He said, it’s like entering a museum or art exhibition where there’s so many exhibition wanting to be look at. Harmless intention but simply cannot resist.

    Scratching my head coz was asking myself whether female do the same thing out of same reason?


  7. hehehe…i do stare at others female’s breast also wor. and during the time I study fine art, breast is the most difficult part to draw on the body, very difficult to capture the curve.
    may be I’m the only female who get turn on by the breast :P.
    and for breastffeding, seriously the breast is the most beautiful milk container in the world.

  8. I breastfed all my children and am very proud of it. But where I am , people used to stare and give dirty looks when you breastfeed in public, but they celebrate women who flaunt them.

  9. i don’t deny enjoy looking at women’s breast. to me they’re like sanctuaries and it reminds me of the pampering comfort that i once enjoyed.

  10. “breast is just another organ”? Right.

    Next thing you know, people will be using this as an excuse to run around naked or with their wee-wee hanging out…

  11. this post reminds me of how inept i felt when my boy was a baby. I tried in vain to breastfeed him but i didn’t know how and my baby screamed everytime i tried breastfeeding. In the end I had to pump it all out and after a few weeks it gets tiresome and i gradually stopped giving him breast milk. I am still frustrated for not being able to breastfeed him. That is one regret that I can never forget. Always feel like I’m less a mother than I should have been.

  12. While men should not be gawking at women’s boobs with all the manners of a starving man eyeing a drumstick, don’t you think it would be a shame if the sexuality of the cleavage and breasts are diminished?

    I too don’t believe in breast augmentation but along with my husband, I do so admire women with beautiful breasts (much more so since mine are now are udderly used for nursing, pun intended lol). Not the porn star kindlah, but the curvaceous bumps peeping from under a midriff. The soft mounts under softer satin that suggest mystery and intrigue, begging you to wonder “is it there, is it not there?!”.

    I AM slightly lesbian in this aspect LOL!

  13. Haha, padded bras… there was once, while buying bras, I tried on a padded bra out of curiosity, because that bra was sooooooooo thickly padded. It was sooo heavy and uncomfortable and my chest looked soooo unnatural! But at least for the really really airport girls it might give them some more confidence or self esteem la..

  14. Breast, sexually associated have been the prowess of female to get over the opposite sex indeed. And on the note of not being sexually associated, they are essential for your future babies! Breasts indeed are powerful for they serve many purposes.

    One thing that mothers are blessed with is that their breast get enhanced a cup size bigger once they start to have children. I am blessed with mine!

  15. he he all those fake ones ,start a list
    push up bra
    padded bra
    air bra
    chicken fillets he he,well thats the nickname in oz for those rubber stick on booby things, yeah a lot of models use those in the bikini comps.

    Just think all the guys that are oogling at the bikini models and half of them are using chicken fillets hehe.
    If there are more just add to the list


  16. Wow, so many inputs. Food for thoughts.

    Sweetspirit – I donch quite geddit. I know they have nipple extension whereby the nipple stays protruded. Like those tennis players? Urgggh…I can’t stand tennis where they moan like what only. And the nipples…I keep reminding my hubby, those are fakes ok, don’t get too excited. LOL!

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