Mothering Mothers- a charity project

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Mothering Mothers or Belaian Ibu untuk Ibu is a community project initiated by MyMomsBestParenting Website with a Heart. This will be the 2nd year where members of MyMomsBest will go to the Government hospital to bring cheer to the mothers who are taking care of their ill-children.

We hope to collect from the generous and caring public, personalised gift packs for distribution to these mothers. Individuals can gift wrapped their gifts and drop them at locations around Kuala Lumpur. There are guidelines on what NOT to give, i.e. religious items, things for children and non-halal food are prohibited. Find out more from this webpage and updates here.

Some of these mothers may have stayed with their children in the hospitals for months and even years. Little touches like this bring a smile to their face.

The owner of this blog, Lilian is the co-founder of MyMomsBest. MyMomsBest is a not-for-profit online group and also a parenting website. The leader of this project, Dr. Ros also maintains a blog.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to The Administrators of MyMomsBest at

Lastly – thank you to all the bloggers whom had so kindly mentioned this project on their blogs. And also thank you to the generous contributors. We have approval from UMMC (200+ beds) for this Mother’s Day project and hope to collect more parcels to enable us to distribute them in another Government hospital.

CLOSING DATE : 24th April, 2005 DISTRIBUTION : MAY 8TH, 2005

5 thoughts on “Mothering Mothers- a charity project

  1. wow, a good thing you’re doing here. I admire your passion.

    Hope to get myself involved once I get back to m’sia.

  2. 怎么全部都是英文……你是懂中文的吧?只使用英文来表达,是不是呢?

  3. Penang Lang, welcome! I am sorry that I had mentioned many times in this blog that I do not know Mandarin. So, sorry I am not sure what your question is. Anyway, thank you for dropping by.

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