Asshole sounds nice when…

A toddler absorbs things like a sponge. Good, bad, four-letter words, English, Hokkien, semua pun dia sapu. However, I wonder….why is it so hard for me to teach him basic words and sentences whilst it is so easy for his elder brothers to teach him things he is not suppose to learn?

Currently, his languages is limited to these :

What he said = What he wants to convey

V tol = take the tv remote control and change channel
con tol = take the air-cond control and switch it on
wooout = go out (of room)
kerk toy = go supermarket and buy toy
koh! = Tesco (pointing when he sees any logo of Tesco)
tank jort = Thanks be to God
men = Amen
Arggghhhhh….I spend my days deciphering things for everyone else.

But tell him to pose as Johnny English and he will do the bestest.
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Well, I had been hearing ‘esso,esso’ a lot and was wondering what he meant. Until I asked his brothers whether is it what he is not suppose to say? Aha! Yes, he is saying ‘asshole’. How to reprimand him? Asshole sound so nice coming out of the babe’s mouth. And when I asked which culprit taught him that?

#2 : *points finger to #3* Nah, this moron.
#3 : *points finger to #2* No, that idiot.
#2 : You headless chicken.
#3 : You stupiak.
#2 : You fool.
#3 : You asshole.

Caught in the act! Oh well, I can’t blame myself. They watched too many movies from Uncle Ho and too much Nickleodeon. Blame it on the man (atm la) who bought all those DVDs. Not my fault. I plead not guilty. I only teach him colours, numbers, objects and parts of the body. And everyone’s name. Mine is Loooolian.

What can I do to my little Mini-Me (of Austin Powers) but to grab him, give him a big hug, slobber him with kisses and tell him that he is sooooooo clever? And pretend asshole is just some nice, funny word.

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17 thoughts on “Asshole sounds nice when…

  1. Haha, your kid is cute!

    When I was small, I used to utter words without knowing the meaning.

    But when they stop talking and stare at me. I always know I’m in bigggg trouble. Kekeke.

  2. I reaaly hope to see Matthew one day. He’s so cute!! šŸ™‚

    My then 6yo niece picked up bad words from school and TV, esp S’pore shows. One day she was quarreling with her sister and she shouted at her sis- lu si pe gong! within seconds, her mom’s palm ended on her cheek!

  3. hohohohoh~~~ loooolian ~~~ u damn fUnny ahhh
    i laughed till saliva everywhere … laaa

    ur kids omg ~~~ ssoooooOOooo~ cUte…
    pls let me hUg hUg and kisss kiss him

    kekekeke…. esso ~ esso ~ esso …

  4. cham…now I see Esso I’ll think about your #5 LOL…
    everyday hear the kids talking is like taking the Who Wants To Be Millionaire quest like that — you know it you know it, if you don’t know it plain guessing.

  5. yeah. but don’t encouraged him though. hehe my nephew once picked up ‘babi’ we all sorta ignored and then he just let it go. on to the new word. current vocab include:

    afu = carrefour
    acik = nasik
    bajak = tractors

    have to say it in a baby’s voice.

  6. Its actually very hard to explain to him, children get influenced by TV very much. Do you think that by telling him that asshole is a funny term would really help ah, what happen if he start saying it in school?

  7. Kekeke. Reminds me of “Meet the Fockers” EessssSsooOOoooo. Really cute!! hehehehe

    But I really liked the part where you caught the ‘culprit’.

    Kids now adays ah…they start cursing younger and younger. A friend’s 7 year old brother scolded his english teacher “f*** you” when the teacher rotan him for not doing his homework. SIGH. So i guess, sometimes, no matter how hard, we stil have to teach them lo šŸ˜›

  8. LOL if you tell him where the “Ess-so” part is, he’ll probably wont find it fun to say anymore. Arent kids cute.

  9. aunt lilian, i watch Nickelodean, disney channel, playhouse disney and cartoon network most of the time *ehehehehe*
    i don’t remembering hearing the word asshole.

    but fool, yeah, they do use the word fool/stupid and so on.
    Matthew’s english. cute and innovative *grins*
    [it’s always a better option to tell them not to utter such words in the ‘general public’]
    i accidently learnt words like bastard, bloody fool and lalalala…when i was little. but my mom warned me never to use them *ehehe* so those words only circulates at home, when i was little, whenever i fought with my sister who is of a year younger than i am *ehehehe]

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