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For the first time in many months, I tiba-tiba lost the desire to blabble. I checked and found that I had blogged 403 entries! So, I guess I reached the point where I am sick of talking about myself, my kids, my life, my bras etc. Hmmmmm….

Anyway, I got a few things to announce.

We are meeting this Sunday, 17th April at McDonald, in Green Lane. The McD that is located next to Penang Free School? Time around 10am. Why McD and not some swanky coffee place? ‘Cos I am meeting a couple of students bloggers so not nice to tax their pockets. So, if you are around the area, pop by?

Many bloggers have blogged about this event in their respective blogs. On behalf of the group of mothers from MMB, we would like to thank them. The link can be found here and more info here. We are in the midst of finding clowns to entertain the children from two of the wards with less ill children. We are visiting six wards in UMMC. Baby Ryan’s mom is actively involved with this project. If you all remember, baby Ryan passed away in UMMC in January, after staying there for 15 months (from birth).

Therefore, between baby Ryan’s mom and I, we knew what some of the mothers there are going through. Some of the children had stayed in UMMC for weeks, months and even years. I believe if we go back this year to visit the wards, we may find a few familiar faces again. Imagine living your life in a hospital ward with bare necessities? And caring for a very ill child? So, let’s us do something to bring some warmth to these mothers. We are trying to find more locations where you can drop your gifts. Right now, we have 3 places and hope to get a few more areas soon.

If you can, help us to announce this? And anyone with contacts for free clowns and such, please let us know?

Chee Aun, a blogger I met online, had helped me to set up the forum for bereaved parents. will soon take over my Yahoo group email grief support group. We have about 30 members, comprising bereaved parents from Malaysia and Singapore. Thanks to Integricity, my webhost for MyMomsBest for their generousity.

Once again, thank you!

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  1. Can’t imagine you running out of things to blog! Though I don’t comment often, but bkworm delights in her daily feeds of your blogs 🙂

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