Doing promo for fellow bloggers

OK, today is Wednesday when I should be posting about Photo Themes. But I had been too busy to photoshop my photos. So, I will beat gong for some fellow bloggers who are just into blogging.

Firstly, some of you may be looking for Buaya69 high and low. Yeah, there are people still missing Buaya69. Well, look no more. The reptile is dead, finish. But to fill the void, go and visit Mr Belacan. teng, teng, teng…….
Mr B asked fellow bloggers to announce the charity walkhunt at Sunway. Do charity and get a glimpse, no, a sniff of the Belacan himself. BTW, I was the first to sniff out the resurrected Mr B.

Since we are talking charity, remember to check out the Belaian Ibu untuk Ibu/Mothering Mothers project. Now we have 4 locations to drop your gifts, Ampang, Kajang, Bangsar and Pudu. We are confident of getting enough gifts for UMMC and hopefully HKL too. Please help us? Now, this leads me to another new blogger. She is the leader of this Mothering Mothers project. She just started her blog a few days ago.

As many of you know, MalaysiaBloggers has an IRC channel (info on how to log on to IRC). One blogger, Rojaks aka Wingz has actually taken time to personally coach new bloggers how to set up a blog and etc. A few of his friends have started blogging and I found two of these new bloggers’ thoughts refreshing.

I like new bloggers because they have lots of things to write. I had briefly chatted with them over at the IRC channel and here they are:
Pieces of Ken and Sinfulcoca.

And that’s the end of the news on the blogging channel.

4 thoughts on “Doing promo for fellow bloggers

  1. Waah… I am so honoured to be mentioned.

    Thank you, Thank you.

    I’ll try to keep posting frequently though, so do drop by often and leave a comment of two šŸ™‚

  2. *Waves at everyone* HI~~ its me !!! *jump jump* mememememe!!! can you see me ??!!! AHMAH!!! Im on Lilian’s blog!!! AHMAH!!!

  3. Woohoo…I’m in 5xmom blog again. The first time was a little thing that I wrote in a forum was quoted here, I jumped with excitement and shouted it to the world (I mean my hubby lah). And now this…thank you, thank you.

  4. yeah, your nose so sensitive sure can smell a dead buaya all the way from penang! kekekeke. ok, ok, for being the 1st to sniff the belacan, i belanja you some expensive kopi the next time me family go penang for makan angin šŸ˜‰

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