If you believe in ghosts, you need a shrink….. (PT I)

Serious. Not a medium. Or marry cocks. That is NOT the solution.

Do I deny that ghosts exist? Not exactly. Am I not afraid of the dark? Yes, I do scared shit! I dare not even read blogs with spooky tales nor want to be in any funny, weird places. I will jump easily at the slightest noise and dare not watch horror movies.

But I am thoroughly against the ideas of people believing blindly about ghosts. Especially parents who brought up children to believe in ghosts. I am also against the idea of so many horror movies.

I had spoken up in the papers twice about this matter and had been flamed by several readers. Some called me self-righteous, religious freak etc. Do I care? No at all. Because I know WTH I am talking about whereas these buggers do not. I had my own share of encounters. Especially when it involves the soul of my deceased baby Vincent.

That happened not long after the famous ‘The Sixth Sense’ and when the phrase ‘I see dead people’ was still on everyone’s lips. The Taoist nun who performed the funeral rites told me that Vincent’s soul is disturbing her in her brand new red Kembara which she used to transport his coffin from Farlim funeral parlour to Batu Gantung crematorium. (full story can be read from the attached pdf file, link in next blog).

Should I believe her words then, probably I would have been a cuckoo in Tanjung Rambutan now (no offence to mental patients please). But instead of entertaining the thoughts of appeasing Vincent’s lost soul, I asked someone I trusted. I asked Vincent’s doctor. “Where is my son’s soul now!”

He gave me an assurance that all people who died have a place to go. And that is to Heaven. It took a lot of faith (which at that time, I do not have). The faith is not in Christianity and God yet but rather, the faith in him. I trusted him with my son’s life and hence, it is not difficult to trust his words.

Indeed, from then on, I turned to Christianity and it had offered me the greatest comfort of all. My late son, my late parents who were Buddhist, my in-laws, they are all in a place, much better than earth. And they won’t be running around on earth, asking for food, clothings, shoes and everything earthly. I mean, how can we live with the guilts that our departed loved ones still rely on us for houses, clothes, foods, Merz, maids etc? Isn’t that so difficult to part ways?

More in Part Two….
(blog has been shortened for the suspense thriller effects LOL)

9 thoughts on “If you believe in ghosts, you need a shrink….. (PT I)

  1. i believe in the existence of ghosts too but i rly dun wan to meet ANY of them =P especially at nite time wen im alone, i tend to see and hear things *shivers* dunno my imagination or wat lah, hehe. my fav “chant” is, “kacau me and u deal with God.” =D

  2. My father once remarked that if people burn handphones etc to their deceased loved ones, someone has to burn the ‘satellite stations’ too, if not, they won’t work! He was jesting but that makes sense, don’t it?? šŸ˜‰

  3. KLJS – Hahaha, you seen one before?

    bkworm – Your dad is right. Like my inlaws, they keep burning a bicycle for my FIL. My kids once asked them, aunties, why you all burnt car with driver for Ah Kong and you all still give him a bicycle! The bicycle is for recreation ride, I guess.

    Autumnmusic – Good one, mess with me, you mess with God. Sure all run away!

    Hustler – Thanks!

    Rachel – Apa pulak hungry? LOL! You are so blur eh, read ghost story can get hungry wan meh? You vampire or what?

  4. sweetspirit – I like Ghost too. Especially Whoopee Goldberg. But what was quoted in our national paper back then was this woman. She knew this aircon repairman. He died in an accident and she insisted he still return to service the aircons in her office monthly.

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