If you believe in ghosts, you need a shrink….. (PT II)

…continuation from Part I..
As Catholics, we acknowledge possessions by the devil aka satan aka syaitan aka iblis aka hantus. Which can be overcome by faith in God. Therefore, in my opinion, if we continue to live and believe in ghosts and lost souls, we will continue to be haunted with them. Because an empty mind is the devil’s playground. And our mind is really a powerful thing when we are looking up to the wrong being.

So, in conclusion:
– Do I believe in ghosts and lost souls?
WTF, of course I do NOT believe.

– But if other believe?
That’s their problem. If they worship ghosts, they get ghosts. Simple as that.

What I cannot understand is why people can believe in ghosts when they can’t see ghosts and yet these people cannot believe in God (and I do not mean it limits to my defination of God as a Christian) when they can see for themselves, the marvels of God worshipping. See the throngs of people flocking to churches, mosques, gurdwaras, etc? Wake up, people. Stop entertaining so many ghosts.

If you wonder why I am very much against this ghosts worshipping, let me tell you why in a gist. One 12 yrs old boy had leapt from his apartment and died because he wanted to be a powerful ghost. Another one, my own relative, a 19yrs old girl from UPM committed suicide and told her parents how to deal with her soul. I.e. where to bury her, what to offer her as food (no vegetarian food etc). It has been more than a year and the parents are still in deep grief, wondering if they have provided enough food, shelter etc.

Now, whenever I ask my sons – Do you believe in ghosts?
Their reply – NO! I believe in God.

P.S : When a person is going towards a new faith, e.g. Buddhism or Christianity, they are bound to be ‘assaulted’ with disturbances and dreams of their departed loved ones crying out to them for food, better grave feng shui etc. This is part of the obstacles a person has to go through in strengtening their faith. I have heard of many of such stories from several people. However, there are also ‘gentler’ encounters with our departed ones which I do believe. More on this next time!

Now, do you believe in ghost?

15 thoughts on “If you believe in ghosts, you need a shrink….. (PT II)

  1. Interesting thought about people believing in ghost when they can’t see them. Trouble is a lot of people are brought up with fear instilled in them.

  2. Ghosts and God, neither being can be proven real as yet. Then how can believing in ghosts can be distinguised from believing in god?

    What are they but same kinds of support system created by human beings for human beings?

    Yes, believing in ghosts can create noncensical fear, but doesn’t belief in god does that too? If not, it is not fear that Jehovah Witness refuse blood transfusion?

    If believing in god makes one reassured, doesn’t believing in ghost gives reassurance too? If not, then what is it call the comfort that family of murder victims derive from the belief that victim’s ghost would haunt the murderers?

    Marvel of god….how about marvel of ghosts too? My personal opinion is, the money are better spent on charity then building magnificent god’s homes or expensive offerings for ghosts. Wake up to both schools of belief.

  3. You don’t need a shrink if you believe in a ghosts. There are always two sides to a coin and I think you have failed to question the other side. No offence, but personally, people have their own beliefs about the way of life (yes, even the existence of ghosts).

    I believe your reasoning is bias.
    “…disturbances and dreams of their departed loved ones crying out to them for food, better grave feng shui…”

    This is part of a belief. To question its existence is already showing that you have a bias view of the people who believe in them.

    I worship God. I do not worship ghosts but i believe in their existence. Not because I am disturbed by dreams of departed ones…but because I have seen them and have had my own experiences.

    Believe or not, it is not a big hoo-ha.

  4. Yeah! This is what I was waiting for. Argue all you want people.

    Kim – Err…Jehovah Witness hor, is not something that I, as a Catholic would like to discuss. I am not even sure if they are Christians, you know? Touchy, touchy issue leh. And nope, we do not spend money on building magnificent buildings, only enough to place the worshippers.

    And then, world, if you people go on calling yourself atheists, and I never go and kacao your blog to convince you about God, why ler you all want to make a big issue here with me leh?

    Don’t the deaths of the two teenagers teach us something? And then, if someone died, the family has to move on, not waiting for revenge by the ghost. Then, they will never live in peace.

  5. Well, I understand your predicament in not wanting to discuss. But Jehovah Witness is only one example. There are many other instances when fear plays a role in religions. Not excluding Catholicism.

    Not trying to kacau your blog lah, as I said, personal opinion mah.

    There are also deaths that happened when kids want to be Superman. My point is, when perceptions are severely distorted…the results are definitely going to be bad. Such as 9/11 and Bosnia Massacre. 2 to ghost, hundreds of thousands for religions?

    And I think peace is subjective.

  6. Whoa, don’t talk about Jehovah’s Witnesses or anything here la. But for me, I believe God will be the comfort of my soul.. I mean, even (in Isaiah) Satan cannot possess us if God won’t allow it. So my faith will guide me here =)

  7. Hey Lilian.

    Interesting topic you have got here. šŸ™‚

    The word “Ghost” is defined as “The spirit of a dead person, especially one believed to appear in bodily likeness to living persons.” (Dictionary.com)

    From a Christian point of view, a soul of a person cannot dwell on earth. Because when one dies, s/he enters into to heaven/purgatory/hell. But I do not deny that there are sincere people (some of them whom are my loved ones) claiming to see spirits/souls of their dead relatives. How does one explain that then?

    Well we live in a world with unseen forces. The world is ridden with demons (i.e. fallen angels) which observe our every move and take advantage of every opportunity to draw us away from God. Bear in mind these demons have powers (but of course not as powerful as God).

    So when demons see that transfiguring itself into a deceased relative could help draw a person away from God. It will do so.

    If “…Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.” (2 Cor 11:14), how easy it is for him to disguise himself as one of our deceased loved ones? Remember he is the father of lies (John 8:44)

    That’s my 2 cents. šŸ™‚

    God bless!

  8. kimberlycun is right spot on….to beleive in god and demons and not beleive in ghost or spirits is plain denial. If it doesnt happen to you doesnt me it doesnt exist. how can you justify god is there when you cant even see him at all??? same things with spirits. Some people can see them. most people cannot. in beleiving in christianity…your iews are narowed so much that it obstructs you from other things going on. perhaps god is the strongest power of all….but you can be sure there are many more just as powerful.people flocking to churches or mosques doesnt mean much. How can one religion can be split into 3 main ones…somewhere down the track somebody wrote the wrong thing into a pieceof paper or book and years later we have 2 thirds of the religious world worshipping the wrong god, going to the wrong places of worship. As with most people with faith of a certain kind, be it muslim or christian they wouldalways beleive that the other faith is on the wrong track and thier is right. Same thing happening here. Same thing happened in history also with people from each faith killing the other people with different faith. there are powers beyond that of your imagination at play constantly that can be significant to peoples lives as well. bomoh, black magic, voodoonism, quija board, christianity, islam nad to a certain extent budism only offer a mere glimpse of the unknown…..other than that…..whenthe nun says like that you may need to take a look rather than disregarding it totally. perhaps you pastor (not sure how to spell can offer some insight….unless of course hedoesnt want you to dwell that deep)…. there maybe some unfinished business that it wants you to help before it can move on. most of the time these religious people can feel and see more than normal people can. To know there are things as ghost is better than denial.

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