When PPS is down..

OKOK, I go paint my nails better. Don’t want to get into controversial matters for the time being.

I normally surfed the blogs from PPS. I don’t like feedreader because I cannot decide who goes in and who doesn’t. I cannot make up my mind which are my favourite blogs.

When PPS is down…..from last night at 10.48 pm until just a couple of hours ago, I have nothing to do. I did try going to a few blogs from my links but many did not update their blogs for several weeks. Then, I tried accessing from my Onestat. After that, I really have absolutely nothing to do.

So, I did the following:
1) Join an expat forum and promote my food blog. Got lots of kembang comments from there. Happy.

2) Read Chicken Soup series about cancer survivors and found that people are really strong and admirable. Inspired.

3) Spend one hour in the bathroom. Apply mask for my hair, use the loofah, pumice stone, de-hairing myself LOL, scrub the facial skin, apply another mask for the hair (hey, I am L’oreal winner with lots of freebies) and apply face mask (damn expensive but useless one) and paint my toes and fingers and thumbs nails. Pampered.

4) Sing my lungs out. Relieved.

5) Do some crazy dance with my toddler. Fun.

And ultimately, life is great! I love life.

But I hope PPS will not be down again. Maybe, PPS, we can help to chip in a few bucks you out?

8 thoughts on “When PPS is down..

  1. Thanks for the offer. Last year when it was time for PPS to renew its webservice, the community shared the cost of keeping it alive.

    The amount offered was more than what was needed, and some large contributions had to be turned down because PPS had enough to keep it going for another year.

    The generosity of Malaysian bloggers really brought a tear to my eye.

  2. lilian, i understand how u feel. i also browse blogs thru my bookmark and keep on refreshing the browser hoping they’ve updated. also tried blogs listed on my fav blog links. but i don’t do item 1) to 5) on your list lah. wish i cud do no 3) though. hope PPS won’t be down again too.

  3. Mr Kiasu – I am as kiasu. Following Jinny’s suggestion, I enable Technorati in my MT. Hope I did the right step.

    Jinny – Thanks, blur me been meddling with the MT ‘Preference’ board and marked Technorati. Tks for the tips.

    Aizuddin – Wow, flattered – the man from PPS. Thanks a lot for the ‘brotherhood in blogsphere’ site. I appreciate it very much. And you can see many of us really rely on PPS.

    Sue – Hahaha, give us time to pamper ourself instead of glueing to the PC, right?

  4. i don myself believe in hantu but hor.. sometimes watch horror movie that time damn scarry.. dono why.. maybe part of me still acknowledge their existence

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