Transported to a movie set wedding

I have never stepped foot in a church to attend weddings or funerals before. Usually, if these two joyous or sorrowful occassions were held in churches, I would stay away because I really do not know what to expect of me.

But today, I was there, as part of a choir. It was the first ever wedding mass I attended. The bride is from a well-to-do family in Penang and the groom from oversea. The busload of ang mohs (caucasians) guests made me feel like I am witnessing some celebrity wedding on TV or in the movie. Their celebrity sexy smiles like those seen on TV shone in the amber lights of the church. The hats and dresses the women wear, long tail-coats of the men, adorable little flower girls and the whole works mesmerised me.

What touched me most is the whole ceremony. Last time, I had a Chinese wedding, minus all the fuss, traditions and etc. Therefore, witnessing how this lovely couple are joined together in holy matrimony is very meaningful. I am surprised that a Catholic wedding has so much ceremony.

The bride and groom made their wedding vows in God’s presence and their wedding rings which were delivered by this little cute, blonde hair boy on a tiny pillow were blessed with holy water. I am in awe because every step is filled with so much meaning.

Sixteen years ago, I made my wedding vows in this cold, dreary looking office of the Pejabat Pendaftaran with a stern looking Government officer. Our witnesses to the wedding, a husband and wife, had spilt up, oh gosh! Bad ‘chi’, bad fengshui. And I was only subjected to the law in Malaysia and not to God because it wasn’t mentioned. Moreover, we did not know that we can exchange wedding rings during the ceremony and were without rings!

I think I will faithfully pray that one day my hubby will find his faith or rather, the One up there will messaged him. Then, I can also have a church wedding too. Yeah! Even if I am 80 years old and senile and no longer qualified to wear white. All the guests will be from the old folks home. With my cucu-cicit as flower girls and boys. Oooo, I am looking forward to that! (Converts will hold a special marriage ceremony when both husband and wife are converted to Catholicsm.)

I would like to wish Mr. & Mrs. B a Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary with another 60 & more happy years to come!

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  1. In Acts, it is said, when one in th family is saved, all will be saved… just put Your faith in His timing and knowing He can change even the hardest of hearts šŸ˜‰

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