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He is old and walking with a limp. He has a blind son who walks with a limp too. They are going from table to table at New Lane, the food street, hoping for some kind people sympathies. Many shoo them away. Sometimes, I would do the same thing too. But they look genuinely needing a few bucks for their meals.

Let’s see how we, the able bodied, literate and with a comfy life can do for people like these? Let’s not waste our time doing other unnecessary and unproductive things?

To all who thought that my No No on blogging is meant to flame, I am VERY SORRY. I was writing just to provide some guidelines for myself and for my little circle of friends. If you are veteran bloggers, please carry on blogging. Why bother about what I said? I had written an email to because her comment board wasn’t working when I tried commenting. However, I can foresee more flaming and counter-flaming with the issue on Hustler’s Diaries.

Bloggers, please let us carry on blogging without getting our emotions fried. We have so many things that we can blog, why do we have to get on each other’s neck?

Let’s make peace and grow wiser from all these? Peace to all.

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Subject: Blogs
Date : Sun, 17 Apr 2005 17:18:22
From : Chan Lilian

Hi Choo Ki
Lilian here. I have this feeling that I am the guilty party here. So, let’s make peace and not make too many movies for the popcorns and cokes buyers. If there is anything that annoys you or anyone, I am sorry. I had written things for myself and my tiny group of friends. It is NOT intended for everyone. Please ignore me. I am bad. Peace to you.

I tried commenting but got errors and can’t do it.


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  1. well, aunt lilian, ur no-no to blogging serves more as a guideline to me šŸ™‚ and i really appreciate your opinions:) really appreciate it, thanks a bunch *hugs*

    on the old begger, since u’re involved in charitable organizations like the Mommies thingie, is there any way that we could actually reach out and help these people?
    (i’ve onced read in Michael Ooi’s post that he encountered a few of those who are mentally ill through the years…)

  2. i felt that blogging no-no article was an interesting read. although i admit i didn’t fully agree with the whole article, but i understood your rationale. now i see myself following some of the rules haha.

    as for the apology part, you are da MAN. da woMAN.

  3. auntie lilian, for me, I’ve learnt from moral classes that we do not help beggars by giving money to them. Because belas kasihan only comes when it is used wisely wor.

    P/s: your guidelines serve a reminder for me. Thanks for the advice! šŸ˜›

  4. Venus – Actually hor, some people really have no resource of earning money. Like in my church, I helped one guy to pay for his Astro. He is a bit disabled physically/mentally and he can’t get a job eventhough he wanted to sell things/sweets/lottery at the market. Though I cannot really afford to pay for him for the whole year, I paid a few months and worry until subscription finishes. If you read Angie&Bart’s blog, Bart also bought him sundries etc. Eventhough some people told me it is not right to give him, but to find the right charitable society to provide for him, he felt hurt and almost cried when I asked him if I can ask the charitable body to provide. He sees me as a friend with some kindness and receiving from charitable body may seems to him like he is needy lor.

    What I want to say is – beggars also have pride. If we have the extra dollar, we give lor. If not, no need lor. Today, the apek and his son really kesian mah, terhegeh-hegeh, both of them. But if I see those drug addicts, pretending sick, then I buat tak nampak la.

    JxT – Tks.

    Ic3 – I agree, we cannot help beggars all the time. Then, more beggars will find ‘work’ as beggars. But then hor, if some kesian looking ahpor or ahpek, the few cents and ringgit, really mean nothing to us but a day’s meal to them.

  5. now, didn’t think that bit on blogging no no’s was meant to flame, but polarized responses would’ve been almost expected to it.

    And given this is a blogging community, it’s no surprise people speak their minds about it.

    But it takes a brave person to apologize over something that garnered positive comments as well. Besides, just because I disagree with one post does not mean I won’t read anything else because this blog is a good read sometimes.

  6. My retired policeman dad tells me that some of those blind that go begging do not get much of the money at all. The bulk of it goes to the syndicate that “employs” them. Its really sad how ppl cash in on other ppls misfortune to make a fortune for themselves.

  7. to skru up is easy, to admit you skruED up and to apologise for it, that takes a big man/woman to get it done. Bravo !!

  8. alternative…
    occassionally i’ll just buy them a hot cup of coffee or tea or just sum McDs..

    afterall,if they were looking for sum spare changes for sum food, they won’t be choosers.


  9. It looks like everyone’s been pissing minishorts off (guilty once).

    But, really, some ppl don’t believe in no holds barred..(not directing to you, Lilian)

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