Penang – When the big boys play games

Yesterday, on the front page – the big boy in charge of roads said ‘NO’

Today, on the front page again – the big boy in charge of Penang says ‘maybe….but not so canggih wan (like easily crumbled in earthquakes and tsunamis? Sing London bridge is falling down..).’

The impact –

On my poor atm – endure traffic jams as he worked on the mainland and we stay on the island. Sometimes, he returned home scolding 4-letters word dunno to who lar, sounds like semivalue ahkhoon etc. Serious, I don’t know what he is saying, may he is talking about his friends or something.

On me – My kids and I have to go hungry waiting for my atm to return home for dinner together. Each evening it is something like this:

5xmom : *phone atm* Dear, what time you reach? I am cooking western, so need to know exact time or else your steak become rubber.

5xdad : *%^#@)(*&^%%$ YNSMCBPKM, I am so hungry now, no biscuit in the car, my bladder wanna explode and I am still stuck in Prai before the toll booth. The jam started 2KM away. AND I STILL NEED TO CROSS THE F BRIDGE!!!!! (change tone to sayang) You all eat first ok? I think maybe in another hour.

What I want to ask:
Big boys ah, why can’t you all work together? How can you announce a big decision like that on the paper? Haven’t you inform the person who is in charge of the island first? Shouldn’t both of you thrashed it out, making Indian and Chinese jokes, pull some toupee, step on some spectacles, whatever la. Fight it out in private, but find a decision that benefits all and also one which makes you both looks respectable? No doubt, two of you are of different coloured skin, different parties, different height but aren’t you two suppose to be doing the same job of making the life of the rakyat easier?

11 thoughts on “Penang – When the big boys play games

  1. … and don’t forget the Touch & Go machine readers on the Bridge are NOT able to read Touch & Go cards originated from Kuala Lumpur. I encountered this when I was rushing like mad to cross the Bridge, causing drivers behind me to have to reverse their vehicles so that mine could move to another lane.

  2. Want me to pour cold water?

    Sooner or later, Penangtie must think about their future and do what did.

    Oh ,yeah, your voice are silent by ALL mainstream paper. ROFL.

  3. If let Bolehland politicans build the computer, Your Pentium 4 3Ghz CPU will be 3 storey tall. Building more road will NOT solve traffics problem.

  4. Moo_T – aiyah, over here, it is hard to find people like Mack and Jeff, so we kena endure lor.

    Mrs T – ya, garment, very safe.

  5. The reason why we cannot have the bridge is because its too expensive. Why should the Works Minister worry about cost? His kerja is to build, the Finance Minister should worry about cost.

    I kasian you lilian, a lot of my colleagues stay in prai work in penang, SUFFER to the max. I also may have to move to the other side soon (maybe). I will not travel, just move across. I move back here from KL to get away from the Jam, not get into another one.

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