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Vitamins. Get a pillow and be prepared to snooze away. I am going on boring mode.


Do you pop vitamins? I do. I have to take one multi-vitamin and 2 evening primrose oil daily. Otherwise, I will get the flu every month plus period cramps.

The vitamin I took is for geriatics (which I am being referred to as one now). When I was working, there was one pantry lady who is 60+years old who has thick black hair and smooth skin. Her son worked in this big drugs company and I got free sample every month. Since then, I am addicted to vitamins. Who doesn’t want to be 60 years old with no white hairs, wrinkled skin and no osteoporosis? Okokok, this is not from the medical experts, this is what my pantry lady told me. She is a walking testimony so I tend to believe her more.

So, do you pop vitamins? *yawwwwnnnnn* Join me in yawning?

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  1. Hi Lil, I’m a vit junky ;P. Daily doses includes B Complex, C & EPO. Monthly without fail, multi vit jab. If these are not followed, be prepared to visit me every fortnight at hozzy.

  2. I take Vitamin C everyday to not get a cold from blardy -20C temperature everyday. I also take calcium and spirulina. And also ginko biloba and fish oil to stabilize my depression. I just realized that’s actually quite alot…

  3. lilian, i BOUGHT vitamins but taking them regularly is a problem. are there any vitamins that will remind me i should take my vits? hehehe…

  4. Vitamin ahh..I didn’t take ler..hehe..coz i eat alot fruits mah..But i take calcium lor…worry tat i can’t stand straight & all teeth spoilt liao when i’m old ..haha

  5. keke…I don’t take vitamin supplements, so I dunno wat to comment about. Hehe, but recently, my dad’s forcing the cod-liver oil capsules into my bro…*thank goodness it wasn’t me* =p

  6. used to take them before, Vit C, B Complex and such masa belajar. now, tak consume dah. now, being pregnant needs me to take vit once again.

  7. Mrs T – do take, it is suppose to keep the age away, LOL
    Chrissy – Wow, you must have a very stressful job! Why do you need vit. jab somemore?
    Hsin – I too used to take lot, sort of like an addict, Vit. A, C, E, blood cleanser, protein, EPO but now, only stick to Pharmaton and EPO.

    minishorts – Tks!
    Sue – Take at the same time each day and soon you will get into the routine, like when I took my birth control pill last time. But then, I sometimes, forget and took double dosage.

    msau – You still young nvm. I old liao, the metabolism slow down so I purposely take Pharmaton with Ginseng (not for pregnant and bfg moms, ok?) to speed up metabolism (to burn fat faster).

    Dracolsian – You still young, don’t need them yet.

    Hazel – Yalor, folic acid, iron, calcium….Enjoy your pregnancy ya! So jeles I tak dapat nak pregnant dah. Baru balik from clinic, see all those big belly women, ish, gian lagi.

  8. I used to take daily ginkgo doses during my student years. Good for blood circulation and for not falling asleep during lectures.

    wah that 60 yo lady must be taking imedeen!

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