You think your baby is an oink-oink kah?

Boring parenting thoughts ahead. If this is not your cup of tea, go surf some very interesing stats prepared by KLJS of Beyond Thoughts Dream
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Today’s encounter at the doctor’s clinic:

Misi : Mau jumpa doktor kah?
Bapa : Tarak, gua mau timbang.
Misi : Mana you mya card?
Bapa : Bukan, saya mau timbang.
Misi : *tilt head, puzzle*
Bapa : Saya mau tengok anak saya ada besak kah.
Misi : Sekarang ada orang dalam…
Bapa : Tak apa, saya boleh tunngu
Misi : *fed up can’t get rid of pest*
Lu kasi lu punya anak sama saya lah
Bapa : *Quickly pass over the baby*
Malay misi went into clinic with baby
Chinese misi come out with baby
C. Misi : chit (7 but also rhyme like rub/clean)
Bapa : chit hamik?
C. Misi : 7 kilo

Bapa : blabbler, aiyoh….beh tuahan hor chi leh gin na. *Looking worried*

C. Misi : *pointed out to him that the baby has increase abut 200gm per month and is healthy*

(In a gist, it is about a father who insisted to have his baby weigh eventhough he is not there to see the doctor. He wasn’t satisfied with the weight increase eventhough he is not even sure what the baby should weigh. The baby is a chubby one.)

5xmom pulak damn kaypoh and fed up with parents who are kiasu to the max. Come on, your baby is ok, for nothing you stand there wasting the nurses time, interrupting the going ons in the clinic just to weigh your baby like a piglet.

If you rear animals, you need the animals to be heavy so that it can fetch a better price. But your baby is not an animal lah, dey.

Like one of my breastfeeding group mom said,

I remind myself that all i want from God is a healthy daughter and i can’t expect her to be perfect, sleep thru nite, nap numerous times in day..etc! This helps lots when i feel like pulling my hair out in frustrations!

Tks, Kim for the thoughts. Go and start your own blog, Kim!!! :O)

5 thoughts on “You think your baby is an oink-oink kah?

  1. And if anyone thinks the stats are interesting, why don’t you come join us in our interesting blog channel! 😉

  2. wah… honoured to be featured in yr blog leh…yes yes..must go start my own blog soon. in Jkt..i see many super chubby kids. poor kids..their parents r setting them up for health prob later in life. with maids running after them feeding (or rather force feeding) gigantic bowls of what nots, i’m not suprised!
    on one occasion, we were having dinner w some frens and their 3 yo son eat bigger portion of rice + dishes than my 35 yo DH! DH eyes big big terbeliak! ha….
    but sadly, there r stark contrasts too..the street children r lean and thin.

  3. Stat’s page now has a shoutbox, so want to leave a comment of anything, just shout at the page with the shout box! 😉

  4. Instead of wasting the Dr’s and other patients time, they should bring the kid to the local butchers shop for weighing. 🙂 or they should buy their own scales.

  5. i was at my daughter piano recital and this dad rushed to the front to videocam his son blocking everyone’s view. He was looking so smug and proud of it, didn’t even apologize…

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