What if you are a mother but without a child?

I just read Bookworm’s entry on Mother’s Day and have this over-whelming urge to pen something.

Yes, DBW, sniff sniff, your entry touched me deeply. But it is not about my mother. I recalled something else.

Last year, I wanted to tell my priest personally but couldn’t find the strength to ask him face-to-face. I emailed him instead. I found this in my mail box:

Subject: Some thoughts on Mothers and Fathers Day
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 00:55:13 +0800
From: Lilian <@tm.net.my>

Dear Father Stephen

Each year, we celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day. Normally, all the proud parents will be called to the front and sprinkled with holy water and everyone rejoices.

This year, I wonder if we can say a little prayer and give a solemn thought to a group of parents who may not find this day to be a happy one but very tragic instead? My thoughts are with those parents whom may have been abandoned by their children or their child had gone before them. They are still mother and father in a sense but they no longer have their child. I know several bereaved parents who dreaded such days.

As I will not be in Penang on May 9th, I hope Father will give a thought and make special mention of these parents.

So, dear friends, let’s keep these parents in our thoughts and prayers?

**Note : Our Mothering Mothers charity project is going on very well and now, we are in the midst of finding another place to distribute the gifts. To all those who had contributed, thank you!

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