Experienced match-maker, I am

Have I ever told you that I am a real match-maker before? Nope, not the play-play thing I blog. But true stories/kisah benar ala TV3.

You see, my hubby is the 4th son. He got 3 older brothers. One of them is 12 years older than him, a rat, just like atm. My mil(mother-in-law) was deeply worried that he will have no one to take care of him. Usual-lah, if you are almost 50 years old and single, sure your mama worried mah.

Somehow or other, I became the busy-body dil (daughter-in-law) and undertook to do everything so that my mil has less things to worry. (God bless her soul.)

First, I helped my bil to do some ‘face opening/fate arrangement’ ceremony at a Guan Yin temple. After that, we started hunting for available girls to introduce to him. He is a shopkeeper and ok looking.

The first ‘victim’ I got for him was Miss Ooi. She was a clerk at my office and very, very innocent and straight. We took them to an expensive Chinese restaurant. Mesti ada gaya, kan? But whaddaya know? My bil complaint that we spent too much money on the food. He said, “aiyor, so expensive? like this, I can eat for several weeks liao.” right in front of Miss Ooi.

What do you think happen? No….Miss Ooi did not ditch him. She waited for his follow-up. But bil pulak said, “Not interested. She can’t speak Mandarin.”

Next ‘victim’ was a florist, Mabel. Mabel, being a florist, sure good in the PR Department. And my bil, being a former pasar-malam vendor also got sugar tongue. However, put two of them together, chemistry semua tarak. (no chemistry) No spark, no white or black smoke. Only thing smoking was my atm’s pocket after spending on dinner with 4-season and sharksfin.

In the end, Mabel and Miss Ooi waited for a date from the elusive bil. He is still single, being 12 yrs older than my atm is 45yrs + 12 yrs = 57 years old. Do you think he still has a chance of finding a soul-mate? He earns a decent living, has a sundry shop at his own flat in a Malay populated area, hence no Ah Moi come to patronise. You have any one to introduce to my bil? Vacancy available, apply in the comment board, please.

And here’s a gift – Lilian too (that’s me la) said red roses bring good fate and love luck.
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Read what the Bible says about The Perfect Wife. (accuracy not guaranteed by 5xmom) **Note : There is nothing wrong with being single, ok? Please don’t flame me by misinterpreting what I wrote. I am talking about my own bachelor boy bil and only him alone. It is none of my business, really. I REPEAT, I am talking about my own relative, ok?

15 thoughts on “Experienced match-maker, I am

  1. Oh match maker match maker can u help me hehe.
    I’m so pleased you put up the link ,as im sure
    you know it’s just what i needed ;).

    What a shame some whom state they are catholic and follow our faith, come across as the dictionary would state “untidy woman”

  2. LOL Maybe BIL is deliberately putting off the girls cos got no “Sympa” ( think Chinese is yuen fun?) who knows maybe he already got Malay girl sweetheart and not wanna let his family know LOL

  3. My mom is always on the hunt for girls for my cousin brother. She won’t match make them but she will keep an eye, checking out for good candidates.

    But then… she doesn’t allow me to have a boyfriend now!

  4. My ex-cleaning lady is angmoh looking for a husband , in late fifties.. She loves Malaysian and very spicy food except durian. Only problem leh— Your BIL and MIL if look at her size will say eat out of house and home ( if they don’t faint first) ..LOL

  5. Aiyoh Auntie, you say it’s really not your business, then why you want to do matchmaking? If anything go wrong, your in-laws are going to blame you. And then they stay far far away so that the negative chi don’t get to them.

    You so free, cook something for all your blog-reading people to eat-lah. Then we all go to Penang and visit you, and camp at your apartment. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  6. No photo? No photo how to introduce?

    BTW, did he know how to use Internet ah? If can hor, call him go Yahoo, Friendster or some matchmaking company to find one lah.

  7. LOL. Girl get married because they are curious, and man get married because they are tired. When a singles enjoy the life for many years, it is impossible to make them change life. You see, a single(wheter man or woman) has 300% more freedom compare to married couple. This minutes you see them eat seafood at Pangkor, next 5 hour they fly to Hongkong shopping.

    So the match making will fail if the guy get use to single life. Unless you can make the single get tired of their single life style.

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