I want to be a soldier

Few days ago, I was reminded of my childhood ambition – i.e to be a soldier. While little girls want to be teachers, doctors, nurses, I want to shoot bad guys and defend my country. What a darling, patriotic, sweet little girl, I was.

Cita-cita saya ialah menjadi seorang askar. Saya hendak mempertahankan rakyat, negara dan martabat. Chewah… malangnya, cuma mimpi ajelah.

When I was in Form Four, I went to a student exchange camp and befriended an Indian guy from Rawang. That guy has Bollywood good looks and when he sang ‘Soldier of Fortune by Deep Purple‘, I thought I am going to have Chindian (chinese+indian) babies one day, in the far future. LOL!

Here’s part of the lyrics:

Now I feel I’m growing older
And the songs that I have sung
Echo in the distance
Like the sound
Of a windmill goin’ ’round
I guess I’ll always be
A soldier of fortune
Yes, I can hear the sound
Of a windmill goin’ ’round
I guess I’ll always be
A soldier of fortune

I am going to be a soldier of fortune. I will go where the wind blows (and God leads me).

A new blog came just in time to prompt me that I had blogged for 6 months. My first blog started on a very daring note – Bloggers are weirdos. I said,

I thought bloggers are weirdos who talk to themselves ‘coz they have no human friends to talk to and they are attention seekers. But heck, I lurve blogs and stalk blogs so might as well join the bunch of weirdos.

Well, here I am, six months of blogging, stepped on some toes, rubbed on many nerves, caused ruckus (and whatever shit) and yet – I am all eager to go for more. Because I have just realised that I am being true to myself, I speak from my heart and the Lord remains my anchor.

So, God guide me to speak Your Word with a touch of wit and may I always rely on You. Humble my heart, give me courage and wisdom to do Your Will. Amen.

Won’t you wish me better luck in my blogging journey ahead?

14 thoughts on “I want to be a soldier

  1. Congratulations to myself. kehkehkeh. I had certainly come a long way from blogspot to own domain. And of course, much more than that. heeheehee. Cheers to many more months of blogging!

  2. Hey Auntie Lilian,
    I’m no new kid on the block. Glad my post inspired u to ponder because I did some pondering for the past 24 hours and realised so many things…
    Do drop by often like u used to… 😉

  3. Hi Angelic Grace – Phew…I check my sentences again and yup, I said new blog, not new blogger. ‘Cos I know you aren’t ‘green’ from the way you worded your sentences. Keep those thoughts coming!

    And I think I have guessed it! *winks*

  4. CONGRATULATIONS LILIAN…Great job and I love visiting your blog.. Brings back so many fond childhood memories and great wit . Luv ya!!!

  5. wow..for a person who has been blogging for a mere 6 months, you have a good constant stream of readers I must say.


    and err..my friends used to like chindians! she says chindian guys are good looking ppl!

    and talking about ambitions, my younger sister used to wish to become a postman. How weird is that?

  6. Yes indeed some bloggers are weirdos ;), but i shall not go there my dear friend.
    Congrats on ya first six months of blogging and of course ,i like how you express yourself in so many ways :0.Straight forward n honest gal thats the way to be,All best cheers n tcz

  7. Hi auntie liulian~ Geez I wanted to be soldier too when I was in primary. And trust me, I can’t even manage 20 push ups now geez~

  8. Congrats Auntie Lilian. If there’s a award for best auntie blog in PPS, I will certainly vote for you. Polish, polish and kembang, kembang. ; )

  9. beside kaihongs.. its ur blog tat make me
    so much in love reading blogs now..
    ur blogs really touched me …tats make me
    continued to find out more abt bloggings here..

    lUilian ahHH..
    u ve did a good job being a bloggers.. i feel tat not only
    bloggers tat are lonely and weirdo.. the same for those
    reader (like me) ..!!!

    add oil ahhH~ like wat i always had told u ..
    lUilian ~ i support u ahhH~

  10. Hey..Lilian,
    Congrats on yer 6mths milestone.. 😉 I pay tribute to your bravery.. coz’ i know it’s not easy.. to maintain a blog.. and stand up for what you wrote. And not get too affected by flamers/spammers and watever green-eye monsters out there.
    Give yerself alot of pats ok.. 🙂 and i love yer blog.. always..!

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