RPG and control freaks = me

I have probably hurted someone feelings really bad. YSM wanted to offer me something marvellous that is supposed to help me cope. And I shot the person, whom YSM recommended to me, who made the introduction. YSM must be shocked to see my true colours. Can’t be help.

I used to spend time playing computer games. All of them where I have the role of the emperor, head of the family, lord of the crusader, god of mythology, hospital head, theme park operator
and others. I am a self-confessed control freak.

So, when I have a stranger who appeared on the phone telling me how her group can help me cope with life, naturally the SWAT mode come into action.

I asked straight away, “Are you religious or profit driven? I want to be frank that I am not interested because as a Christian, I can manage my life as long as I am walking closely with God.”

(some background blurb about being a group of graduates with all sort of life experiences etc etc. Someone with commitment problems had been helped.)

I don’t know what got into me but I am NOT having PMS. I told her right there, “Whatever had happened to me (Vincent’s death), has happened and how I manage in future, I will manage. I am not going into a group to dissect what can be done right or wrong.” *total silent*

Making a mental note to myself – Never approach anyone. Especially if you know they are hurting and vulnerable.

Question to myself – But aren’t you the one who has support groups?

Answer to myself – Initiative is on the other end. After all, didn’t I choose to turn to Christianity on my own free will and I choose my church from the Yellow Pages?

Am I being extreme? Probably. Can’t be help. I don’t want to be the subject because I am very, very paranoid. Lord, help me please.

*******Please do not comment on the above. But please tell me your favourite RPG. The Stronghold Crusader was mine. ************

A little musing:
How nice if our life is equipped with macro mode.
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Then we can see all the tiny things and appreciate more.
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13 thoughts on “RPG and control freaks = me

  1. I mainly play fps, have played final fantasy but drifted back to playing fps.Although i do like racing games too…I guess it depends on my mood ,, hehe .I’ll tell ya if ppl annoyed me i could go play games n release my stress hehe,,total blockout .

  2. Fallout 2 and Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn. Hands down. Great amount of replayability and tons and tons of choices. they don’t make like those anymore. It’s always about shooting nowadays. 🙁

    Currenty playing Temple of Elemental Evil. It’s quite good so far. Not as deep as both those games though. And i miss adventure games, like Sam & Max, Grim Fandango and of course, Monkey Island.

    “As repulsive as a moneky in a negligee” LOL. I say give us another Guybrush Threepwood adventure 🙂

  3. I’ll just say you can’t force support onto anyone, but be ready to support them when they ask for it. That’s compassion. To be understanding and to be there for someone.

  4. Theme park operator? Eh, that sounded like Roller Coaster Tycoon! Anyway, I used to play that when I was 12. And was pretty good at it too. I was an roller coaster building expert. Hehe. Oh also, The Sims too (Sims 2 and expansion packs included).

    And that’s a nice macro lens that you have. Yeah, maybe we should all see things through a macro lens.

  5. Hmmm, macro lens? Nope, just a close up lens.
    You can DIY by stacking 2 MIC(made in China) magnification lens together using masking tape. It give you better magnification. And because MIC magnification lens is so cheap, you can experiment stacking(remember to stack them in pairs) 5x, 8x, 10x.

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