Happy Birthday, dear

We have spent 18 of your birthdays together. Fifteen years ago, we spent it in the hospital, waiting for our first born. Your naughty son refused to share your birthday and so, I had to spend the night alone in the hospital.

Arrggh…it is hellish to spend a night at the maternity ward with 8 pat pohs whom had given birth. They either interrogated me or scared me with their birth stories. But we weren’t very rich then, and hence, 8 pat pohs in a room with no air-con, I have to endure.

I cried because I couldn’t give you a baby as your birthday present. I cried because we had never spent any nights away, from the first day we dated (except for the 2 occasions when I had operation).

I have no birthday presents for you because I believe life is as happy as can be. The simple things we gave each other. The presents you gave to me are endless. Some are illustrated here:
1) I have the time, money and happy heart to pause and capture even the smallest insect on a flower.

2) Happiness is all around me. The thrill and smiles on this little boy’s face said, “Smile and the world smiles with you.” I promised to make him ‘masuk internet, masuk computer’ (go on the internet and computer) and that joy on his face is enough to make my day.

3) The things you would do for me. Like crawling so close to the mudpond to capture the lotus I so love. You know I would tumble and slip into the pond if I do so myself. This is my favourite symbol. It is my name. It stands tall and dignified, even in a mudpond. I hope to do so too.

Happy 45th birthday, dear. Thank you and I love you.

30 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, dear

  1. First photo of red flower given a ‘texture’ filter. Last flower of lotus, given a filter of ‘omni’ light or something. Chinese name, of course, is a copy and paste job!

  2. Nice post Auntie Lilian! 🙂
    Happy Birthday Uncle ATM!! Here’s wishing you good health, good luck and many many many many more birthdays to come! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday.. to Lilian’ ATM..!! may you have many, many more years of happiness..!! but of course.. gotta love lilian more lah.. 😉

  4. dear lilian ,
    you have the same chinese name as my mum !

  5. >we had never spent any nights away, from the first day we dated (except for the 2 occasions when I had operation).

    Hmmm you two moved in together right from the first date ?
    Must have raised a few eyebrows.

  6. wow so romantic laa.. lUilian~
    aiyoOO~ no need present laa.. u tight up a ribbon
    ard ur neck.. as present for ur dear dear tonite laa..

    luilian really.. its really touching
    *tears .. at cheeks*

    pee/ass: and u noe wat.. our surname same same ler..

  7. OooO…same age as my daddy

    Happy birthday ATM….

    Ohya…Lilian…you know where I can find nice desserts in Penang? I’ll be staying in Evergreen

  8. Happy 45th Birthday to Lilian’s wonderful ATM… may there be many many more happy years to come!
    Beautiful shot of lotus flower .. true love don’t need grand gestures (of course, if hv, bahagia also la), its the little things that touches our hearts.

  9. Wah…so happy to see so many wishes. Had been out the whole day, in fact, since Thursday ‘cos atm was on leave till now.

    Milly – Tks!
    Laramommi – Yeah, when one is married as long as me, you need to find every little things to be thankful for.

    S-Kay – Desserts? What sort? Just jalan-jalan to the other end of Gurney Drive at night.
    Sexymum – Dun forget, I very pandai to write only. hahaha

    MG – Wah, you so clever with yr words.
    Sweetspirit, twinsmoms, narrowband – TQ, TQ, TQ

    fish fish – Never heard of Lotus Tea but I do cook a lot of lotus soup.

    Rachel – You are Hainanese too, right? Wah, sukinang.

    msau, momof2 – Thank you

    Bushido – Heeheehee, you caught that sentence! I had lived on my own since 21 yrs old, surviving on my own, living off my own salary etc etc. So, I guess I was ‘grown up’ to decide.

    Romantic/Oui oui – Thanks for the wishes

    lala – Wah, first time I found someone same name with me.

    Mrs T – thanks!

    Angelic Grace – Little things like these warm your heart and makes you more assured that your current relationship can go on and on and on for many years, right? Hahahaha, but one has to work hard for it. It doesn’t come easily and naturally.

  10. happy birthday 5XDad…

    auntie lilian, u so romanticcc oOoOooOooOo…thats the greatest present for ur ATM d, if i m him, i will “lum” till pening pening…

  11. Lotus tea is actually a very special tea in Vietnam, that I once saw in TV. It is like the tea leaves is to put into pond lotus blossoms and wrap properly, the next day, the tea wil be get from the lotus, and ready to serve. This is a quick method for making it. A slow but better quality lotus tea requires much more steps.

  12. I always wonder how the husband and wife maintain their marriage. Basically, how we know that it is the right one for us, marriage is always 50 50 chance, but i am happy to see that you have a happy little family. Wish i will find one too in the future.

  13. Sansan – Wah…your wedding photos. How come that bald guy decorate your room? You masuk TV issit? I use the Konica Minolta Z3. 12x optical zoom, 4.2 Megapixel, anti-shake.

    LaoTze – Thanks for dropping by. I had been to your blog before! But I cannot grasp what you wrote sometimes, too ‘chim’ for me.

    Mr Kiasa – Cannott…..50-50% is risky. Next time, I blog it?

    fish fish – Wah so elaborate tea.

    MMG – Finally, I got him to read my blog! Yipppeee, I email to him this URL.

    Viewtru – I read a lot of Barbra Cartland, so I very clever to write wan.

    Jinny – Thanks!

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