Photo theme – Bagai kumbang dengan bunga

Wednesday is a day for photo theme. Bagai kumbang dengan bunga is a Malay proverb about the bees and the flowers. Where there are flowers, there are bees. Where there are women, there are men.

Recently, I am into capturing tiny insects perching on flowers.
Found this colourful insect at my apartment’s garden.

Can you see the insect’s bottom sticking out of this exotic looking flower? The flower belongs to the cannonball tree.

A water lily. Photo taken from the Penang Youth Park.

Recently, the owner of Shuttermap invited me to upload my photos at their site. Come join Shuttermap and share your photos. Who knows, the photos may bring you money. Here’s what Shuttermap said :

Join the ShutterMap project today for free, begin to create a legacy of images online and earn 25% from each image sale. Refer other photographers or buyers and earn another 1% from their sales or purchases

It is certainly nice to see my own photos alongside works from professional photographers. I feel good and also makes me strive to improve.

6 thoughts on “Photo theme – Bagai kumbang dengan bunga

  1. RB – I checked out the site and it is soooo huge. So I chicken out. Whereas, shuttermap is a local company, also my webhost so I feel more at home.

    Mrs T – Glad you like it. I adore flowers.

    Sweetspirits – Thanks, I snap at every flower I meet.

  2. auntie lilian, u r as pro as those graduates from FCM (faculty of creative multimedia) from my uni d..hohoho…

    Ur PiCs VeRy dA nIcEyYyYYYYYYyYyy~~~~~

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