Post-natal homes – Money overtakes love

Nowadays, money can provide the easy way out of everything. With money, one can shake legs and do nothing.

I don’t know about other states but in Penang, we have a home for almost everything. With money, you can chuck your newborns, old folks, toddlers and just about anyone, including your disabled children/spouses/siblings to a home. Pay money, solve all problems. OK, I agree chuck is a very strong word. But that’s how I feel.

The photo above is a banner of confinement care homes. We have confinement care homes sprouting in almost every residential areas. In case you have never heard of it, better don’t. They shouldn’t exist in the first place.

I found the few days in the hospital to deliver a baby is already so alienated and far away from home. But what do you know? Women are flocking to confinement care homes in droves. They will check out of the hospital and check in to a confinement care home to stay there for a month.

Husbands are usually not allowed. Only the new mothers and babies stay. Isn’t that such a scandalous thing? We have a new family budding, consisting of happy daddy, mommy and baby. But before this can happen, we have already torn that to pieces.

I will try to keep this blog short, maybe elaborate longer on confinement care later on. But meantime, what do you all think of this concept? Where babies are relegated to strangers to take care while the moms are recuperating like some ill patients.

**I empathise with some women whereby they have no close relatives to help them. I am also compassionate towards those who cannot afford confinement ladies. But, I had gone through two confinements alone and do not see how big an issue it is. It is a matter of we deal with it.**

6 thoughts on “Post-natal homes – Money overtakes love

  1. I was at the hospital when my sis-in-law was in labor. May parents and I reached there early and my bro was on the road. When we came in she looked so weak and bored and lonely. I felt so sorry for her. I’m sure women wouldn’t want to be left like that especially in such times. For all that matters, I hope I won’t have to leave my wife like that should the time come.

  2. Residing in Jkt but delivering in Penang, u can appreciate i had some accomodation issue, thus was considering putting up at confinement home. Luckily, i did some MMB.. AP Teoh (a very very kind and helpful mommi) shared her very horrible experience. So it was a lucky escape!
    And yes, it is very lonely & scary to endure labor alone. I had 16 hr labour. Hubbi arrive in last 6 hrs cos it takes 10 hrs to travel fr Jkt to Pen by flight!

  3. Hey.. Lilian,
    Depending on situation .. lah.. really.
    But no matter what.. i think the woman needs the support of the spouse and her own mother. That was how i felt .. when i had chloe. And confinement situation also must see how lah.. like me i wanted some confinement food.. but then ang moh country .. how to get ang moh confinement lady right..?? but staying isolated in a confinement home is a definite no-no for me.. šŸ™‚ but i speak for myself only.. šŸ™‚

  4. I think if was becomes extremely ill afterwards and needs to be in hospital that is where one should be,but for my understanding of what ur stating here.I truely don’t understand the need for new mothers , i myself never had any support after having my children,but i guess we all live with different situations and some of us are more independant :).

  5. Mrs T, they do have European confinement ladies here in Canada, they’re called doulahs. When I had mine, we had wonderful friends and neighbours who take turns with the baby and bring food etc.

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