5xmom is closing down for…

…a more lucrative business. You see, I just realised that blogging is not so fun after all. I do not have to elaborate on this, I am sure.

So, I figured out. If I change profession from blogger to tukang tilik (fortune teller), I may have better rewards. I just need to put a ‘Paypal Donate’ button, wrote some related stuffs and sure enough I will find many prospects.

Take a look at what drives traffic to my website. Or you can google ‘damacai’ and see who is on the 1st in page rank.

Number of hits Keyword
103 – lilian too
40 – 5xmom
22 – chanlilian
18 – damacai

145 – damacai
74 – damacai 4d
57 – lilian too
35 – damacai malaysia

Everyone looking for empat ekor number comes to me. Everyone looking for feng shui comes to me. Don’t you think I should jump on this bandwagon? The winning type?

I do have one helluva knowledge about fengshui. You want to learn about flying star, location, improvement in love, career, children, anything, just ask. You want to know what number to tikam, ask me. I have books for everything. Gambling, fengshui, damacai, sports toto, magnum 4d, lottery, damacai, da ma cai, damacai 4d (pssst…just want the search engine to find me).

But of course, I will end with one lecture. These are all not permanent. You win some, you lose some. Sometimes, you lose everything. Only God provides and that is for eternity.

P.S : My name is lilian too but that other woman who is making a LOT of money from your hard-earned money has two ll.

21 thoughts on “5xmom is closing down for…

  1. Dont u dare clsing for business!! For a sec, I really got a shock. Gosh, here goes my appetite!! Luck I ate already šŸ™‚

  2. *laughs* i love the last line šŸ™‚
    it is true that those are not permanent.
    those aunties and uncles who line up at the 3D or 4D or blackmarket A,B,C lose a lot, but only win a little
    which is basically, after + – X / = losing aso

  3. Well, I don’t really know why people are so interested in 4D. I never believe in easy come money. It is always people get so happy when they win the prize, but little did they realise the money they dump inside before the winning are much more. Many people will lose, only a very few will win. How high is the possibility for me to get into the very few??

    Dun stop blogging ar~ Lilian. I need the “chicken soup” from you. Kekeke…

  4. Hahaha, no lar, dsaint. The title too long so I use a second line mah.

    Mrs T – Hahaha, you see the dot dot? Sentence not complete only.

    fishfish – okok, chicken soup daily.

    Venus – yeah, it is a lose-lose situation for the layman but win-win for the big corporations.

    Andreas – yes, sir!

  5. you can’t blame them. Search ‘damacai’ in google return the poor 24 results and your are #3. šŸ™‚

  6. haha…certainly caught me in surprise…

    aiya, my mum is another devotee of feng shui. books, mags, newpapers… juz now she ask me to search for fengshui also… haha. plenty of d OTHER aunty L’s books… *pening kepala* =p

  7. hehe……..who ever would have thought that fortune telling also can make big bucks……same like that cemetery business, Nirvana or something……hmm……….any “wind” for 4D number anyone??

  8. catchy title! šŸ˜€ for a moment when I read the title in my live bookmarks, i thought you were temproarily shutting down for err… dunno šŸ˜›

  9. get a four-digit random number generator. that’s the only thing u need to start this business. wish u luck…..

  10. Got news for ya… that other Liliians hardcover book plus some fengshui tools ( pakwa) was on clearance at a store here for only Cdn $1.50 (Malaysian $5) and even then no one seems to be buying.

  11. haha for a moment i thought u were really going to follow the footsteps of the other bloggers and close down ur blog. *whew*… nice one!

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