Come get your lucky number

I took a nap. I had only sour-sop for lunch due to a sore-throat. Sour -sop is called ‘ang moh liu lian’ in Hokkien or mat salleh durian. I was about to blog about angmoh liulian and therefore, probably dreamt something related.

Yikes, I dreamt in my nap and even drool and slurp back my own saliva! Did I tell you that I often dream in technicolors? Only creative people dream in colours, btw. Think? Were you dreaming in colours or shades of gray, or errrm…black and white? Never mind, we talk about that another day.

My last blog has people asking for numbers pulak. And since it is not often I dream during short afternoon naps, let me jot this down.

I went to an Indian lady stall. She sells:
*ee-nya kueh
You can go to my Penang Faces and drool over the lovely photos of the above.

When she turned her back, I actually scooped one big senduk of cendol and slurped it! Die ler, I am evil in my dreams! I went to her stall to buy santan and durian so that I can have durian rice.

OKOKOK, to cut a long story short:
Magnum 4D said : eating durian is 7556
Cendol stall is : 7046

So, here are two lucky numbers. (phew…lucky got no number for Indian lady selling cendol) Remember hor, gambling is no good. It is against some religous teachings, and for good reasons too.

BTW, damacai real website has no dreams prediction number so I use Magnum. Wonder how come I know so much? ‘Cos these are in my favourite bookmarks. Oi, my atm play tikam-tikam sometimes orh. ‘Cos he said he needs some luck to get more money because I am spending like water.

Good luck, people!

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