The blog world is widening

I started blogging six months ago. One veteran blogger called it The Invasion.

True enough, the number of mothers who blog have increased tremendously. In MyMomsBest forum itself, we are seeing more and more members blogging. Some, I dare to take credit for spreading the blogging virus to them. Some had blogged much longer than me. However, our blogs have one thing in common. We blogged about stuffs related to our children and also our views as a woman. Often, these are all pleasant and heart-warming things. This is in stark contrast to some blogging scenes where anger, self-centredness, frustrations, whinning, bitching are the theme.

Many of these new bloggers are still grasping with the dashboard and pinging to PPS is still new to them. Therefore, I shall continue my ‘Blogging Art’ as and when a topic strikes me. My last article on Blogging Art regarding No No of Blogging was meant for these newcomers. My article did NOT mention a single word using ‘rules’. Sadly, some parties had taken the thing out of context and claimed that I had made the rules and this issue is still going around PPS.

Anyway, back to the breath of fresh air in this blogging world. The mommies are definitely going to blog and blog they will.

Amongst our circle, we also got to hear about the death of one blogger. She left a legacy in the form of her blog for her child. Her husband has carried on with her blog.

Just to let you know, Nor’ashiqin Mohd Ali, whose blog is Nuun was a colleague of mine.

Her death came as such a shock to all of us here at she had just been in the office that morning. She met with an accident on her way back from the office to her house. All her x-university mates said she’s the type that would smile at everyone; very friendly, never shouts and is very religious. I feel so sad for her hubby and her small child. May God bless them always.

So, you see, blogging is a beautiful thing if we use it right. It is meant to archive all the love we have for our children, parents, siblings, friends and people around us. Shouldn’t all of us blog with some love and kindness too?

6 thoughts on “The blog world is widening

  1. Until this morning, i had seen a couple of people still attacking me for fun of it. I wonder do ppl really think of what they are commenting, or they just follow what the last commenter said.

    Lilian, i think blogger like you will definitely continue to stand up high. Nevermind those that had critisize you for the sake of doing so, its the small community that matters. Maybe during the next blog gathering, i can get informed, will be in Penang next month.

  2. i know you probably hear this a lot, but your blog is one that i can relate to, even if i don’t comment a lot. There are only few honest, decent blogs out there in PPS, yours is definitely one…

  3. To add, the blogging-world is also quite confusing. So much has happened in the past one week – Gwei da gwei (ghost beat ghost). Hey, semua kakilang ma!

  4. Pompit – heeheehee, why la yeeeksss
    Narrowband – You feel it too hor? I feel so sad about it. Am I the gwei also? O_O”

    Simon/Mr Kiasu – Thanks!

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