Dedicated to Mango

A young man, a blogger who was inspired to start a blog by doc, has written some entries about his school life. It may be mundane to some, it can be enlightening to others.

I had been following his school adventures about rescuing puppies. Last week, two little Indian boys found one helpless puppy without it’s mom. It must be a newborn because the umbilical cord was still attached and the eyes still closed. I was in the garden, just back from an outing armed with my camera. So, I snapped this photo. (dunno what happened to this puppy though, ‘cos we asked the boys to put back the puppy where they found it, hoping the mommy dog will return)
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Funny isn’t it, how blog can make one feel hope in certain things. Reading about these group of students who risked facing discipline action for the sake of rescuing 15 puppies certain made me very proud to know Mango aka Alphonso Tan.

To Mango and his friends – yeah, life is cruel, not every one and every animal get to live a simple, easy life being protected all the time. Sometimes, they have to suffer or even die. That’s life. But we can make things better for ourselves and others.

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  1. Thank you, thank you. So much. At last, feel worth to rescue those puppies and get a dedicate from 5xMom’s blog. Thank you very much. *wipe tears*

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