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Last night, I spent about 30 mins waiting for my curry salmon head. Then, another 30 minutes waiting in line at the cashier counter at Parkson. In that one hour, I had the chance of observing mothers/daughters connection as there were lots of women of all ages at the restaurant/cosmetic section.

Guys, you all have to believe this. Your SYT Ah Lians/gfs/gfs-to-be/dream girls can and may become like her mom one day! So, take a close look at your future mothers-in-law and face the stark reality. To those guys who are married liao, sorry hor, too late oredi. You have no where to run. *muahahaha*

Many, many years ago, when my mom was around, she pampered my atm a lot. She would served him with all the good foods and did just about everything that mothers love to do. Sometimes, I would pity him because he did get over loaded with too much attention. Then, I would sort of laughed at my own mom for her mother hen behaviour.

My atm would chided me with, ‘lu mien cheaou, pat tau lu pun si an neh khuan’. (you don’t laugh, next time you are also going to be like her) Back then, when I was in my mid 20s, it was a scary statement.

Majority of girls do not want to be the same as their moms. At least where looks are concerned. *shivers* My mom was very round and chubby. Back then, I was very thin and tall. So, I couldn’t see a connection there.

But alamak, these few years, I just realised that of all my sisters, I am the most identical to my mother. The looks, characteristics and shape, everything. However, at 40 yrs old, I do not mind anymore. It sorts of give me comfort that she had left some part of her in me. God bless her soul!

So, the conclusion is : Look at the mother of your girlfriend. That is what your girlfriend is going to be like many, many years down the line.

I better go plaster on more SKII now. Good thing is I have no daughter to tell me,

“Gosh, mom, serious? I am going to end up just like you? OMG, I am so not going to look like you. Nah ah!”

Ahh….one good reason to have only sons. No daughters to blame me for bad genes like big butts, foul mouth, bull headed etc etc.

So, girls, do you agree that ‘just like your mother’ is a scary statement? And guys, you believe what I said?

ADDED : Heeheehee, before people wonder why I don’t want to look like mom when I was in my mid 20s, let me explain. I was born after 10 years lapse. My mom had me when she was almost 40 yrs old, a baby conceived by ‘accident’. So, our age gap is very huge, hence I made this statement.

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  1. Hey, you’re so right you knowwwwwwww….last time I always complain why my mom’s like this lah like that lah..now I’m finding myself turning to be like herrr…it’s so scary when I realise it…*pengsans*

  2. I’m totally opposite from my mum. Phew , I’m glad hubby never read ur blog before he married me.. otherwise..Habis-lah

  3. Hi Auntie Lilian!

    Yup, It’s not only you that look like grandma…
    my father too!Among sons, my father looks like grandma the most…
    The bright side is whoever looks like grandma looks younger!;)
    I also had my mother’s side relative saying that I look like grandma… the chubby one!

    Now, although my attitude is different from my mother but I tend to behave like her also sometimes! =)Let’s see 20+ years later…

  4. gee…really ar?! since girls who said they x wanna b like their mum, turn into just like them… if i wish really hard ‘to be like my mother’, then i won’t be like my mum? Haha… i know, lame joke…hehe =p

  5. Dracolshian – That means you want but also dunwan at the same time?

    RB – yalor, was at Parkson. Gullible mah, I bought one SKII for RM378, get RM60 vouchers plus abt RM20 in bonuslink point. So queue 30 mins also knot complain. You were there too?

    msau – wah, you want to have your mom’s figure?

    Chief – hahaha, it’s too late ya? Remember to tell your son next time.

    Eileen – Yaya, one good thing about your dad and I, are we don’t get that many wrinkles. Ah Ma’s face plump so not much wrinkles.
    (People – chan eileen is my eldest bro’s daughter, my niece)

    Romantic – You still have many years to go to be like her. Donch worry. Hahahaha. You never know.

    Mrs T – Indeed, very scary but true.

    S-kay – sometimes, I membebel like my mom used to do. Then, my older kids will remind me, there, you seelah, you are like Ah Mah liao. (only two older ones knew her)

    Kim – Then you can stop worrying. Whereas, some of us, with moms who look moms, then we worry big time. But I suppose last time, my mom did not have an easy life, hence, can’t be hot. She was widowed about late 40+ yrs old with 5 kids, no one working, including her.

    Fishtail – Wah…good tips wor.

  6. Wah… and I keep telling myself I do not want to be like my mom… my mom is quite overprotective sometimes, and make me feel stifled when she does that, so I don’t want my kids next time to feel that way too. But otherwise, my mom is a GREAT mom, so would that mean I will be a GREAT mom next time?


  7. FOr me i look like my mom, even the character is exactly the same. But for my brother it is exactly the opposite. Strange strange.

  8. I look exactly like my mom proud of it too. It makes my day when people say i look like mom. My fiance look at her and tells me, next time you’re gonna look like that “point at mom”. [Beams with pride]

  9. My mum looked beautiful in all the photos I have of her. Pity none of her 3 daughters take after her. So wasted…..

  10. Hey…I stop by your blog every now and then to read about what is going on back home..I’d only be too happy if I could be like my mom 20-30 yrs from now. Not saying that she is perfect, but I want to be as patient and to love and trust God as much as she does.

  11. woot yup was there.whoa got rm60 voucherss?? 5x bonus link point mer,so of coz must go.sumore the sales not bad also la.altho i expected more plp.coz last time when komtar’s super tanjung had sale,omg,full of people!

  12. RB – Yalor, si si pun ai beh. Pan ji mah.

    Lynn – Yeah, my mom is one woman who has no grudges, no temper but she did cuss sometimes. Oh ya, I put a pic, just to illustrate.

    MY MOM WAS STANDING ON TWO FLIGHTS of staircase, that’s why she appeared taller.

    MG – My mom was the olden, typical, Ling Dai beauty when she was young. Rich family too, with Ah Sams following her. But grandpa got into opium and hamkarchan.

    Fashionasia – Wow, your mom must be hot! No wonder, you got such good taste.

    Hey, people do check out fashionasia blog about….fashion, of course.

    Mr Kiasu – They say son follow mother, good life leh. My eldest like a mould, follow me. Taste in food also the same.

    Jinny – When you become a mother, then you will appreciate your mother even more.

  13. Does that mean I’ll be slimmer and prettier next time? And my short-sightedness will go away when I’m pregnant? (Good signs, good signs):P

    But my ah-ma once said- daughter who looks like father has a good life, son who looks like mom has good life (ho-mia).. but dunno true or not.

  14. Alamak..like this..lobak will haf big butt, big tummy and chunky thighs in 20 years!! Wahhh!! *wails out loud* …ooppss…my mommy is so gonna kill me for this *gulp*

  15. Fishtail: These Chinese sayings……if I want to know if my girlfriend is a good lover or not, is there a saying that I should check out the mother? ‘Cos if there is, I somehow don’t think I want to do it.

  16. I’m very much like my mother – something which I’m not ashamed of. However, when we are together, I display less of her sterling qualities. Boyfriend seems to notice that I turn out to be exactly like her whenever she is not around. :p

    Luckily for me, I have only half her qualities – good and bad – and she ages very well. ^^

  17. Actually i have been thinking about mothers lately, but i am nothing like my mum.My mother walked out on me when i was 13 , we are not in contact for many reasons.But n e ways it happens to a lot of children so best not to live in the past but to live for now.
    cheers tcz

  18. last CNY saw distant relatives telling my dad ‘wow, this is your son? looks just like you!’. nooooooooo……………………!

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