The D.I.Y. Man – you got one?

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I took the macro shots of the PCB of my old, old cassette/VCD player which my DIY man dismantled. He ripped off everything, dug out one 20 sen, one RM1 coin, a colour pencil and my Don Moen cassette. I thought that is the demise of the player.

But oh no, my DIY man soldered back the wires, clipped back all the capacitors and the thing is working again. I have one very useful DIY man at home who has B&D power drills (note the plural), saws, hundreds of screw drivers, millions of screws/nails/wall plug, spanners, plyers, plumbing joints, wires….you name it, he probably has it.

He is good in doing things around the house like plumbing, electrical wiring, painting, repair washing machine etc etc. On top of this, he also can repair my epilator (those thing women used to pull the legs hair), breast pump, dildo? (oops, sorry,I don’t need one), my kitchen appliances etc etc.

My first encounter with DIY men are my 2nd brother and my 2nd sister’s bf (now my bro-in-law). I was about 10-12 yrs old then. Both of these crazy guys actually bought Reader’s Digest DIY book and assembled bookshelves and etc. Oi, those days, IKEA has not set foot in Malaysia, ok? My 2nd bro-in-law is still very much the DIY man until today. He is in mid 50s now. Some hot shot engineer who loves to hang around the Thieves Market.

I remember vaguely an ex-bf who is NOT a DIY man. Very the turn off ‘cos when men can’t repair simple things like a leaky faucet, they seem very helpless and lame. Men should have screwing skills, no? And expert in clearing block holes and pipes? Drilling?

So, do you have one DIY man around the house? Or are you a DIY man or woman yourself? I admit I rather yelp for help if I can help it.

7 thoughts on “The D.I.Y. Man – you got one?

  1. I’m a very much a diy person. Wouldn’t ask for help unless I absolutely need to.

    Alike you Lilliang lenglui, I dislike the though of being the Ms. Fix-It all the time while my man gets to play Mr. Helpless-Househusband.

  2. I’m the toolgirl in the house.. I’d rather have power tools ( and I have lots LOL) than a sewing machine. Hubby is hopeless.

  3. “…men should have screwing skills…” Hmm, food for thought.

    i just bought my first soldering kit, pliers, tweezers… i’m ready to take on the DIY challenge!

    Btw, thieves market! Interesting. Is it something like Jalan Pasar of KL? BTw, i learnt about Thieves Market from Fishtail šŸ˜€

  4. Hey.. Lilian,
    I’m with you .. on the very the turn off.. by man who cannot even fix the most simplest thing. Lucky .. my spouse very the DIY .. šŸ˜‰
    My friend’s husband hor.. another story.. wanna smack him.. sometimes..!! cannot even change a lightbulb .. without getting all sweaty.. and pissed off.. because he can’t do it..!! can die or not..??

  5. Lilian, Old electronic stuff can solder back. modern SMT (surface mounted) chips not so easy to solder back. somemore they are so small, gush or wind will blow the resistors and capacitors away.

  6. Reta – Yayaya, I agree. Be the independent woman but also ‘teh’ when necessary. After all, that’s what men are for, to be our slaves. HOHOHOHO.

    Neeshen – Aiyoh, never seen the inside before. But I like the old capacitors and resistors. So colourful and with all kind of shapes. Like a small town with trees and water tanks.

    Mrs T – Yalor, I wonder why some men are so helpless. Maybe being mummy’s boy for too long.

    Narrowband – Wah, learning the ‘be good husband’ skill, hor?

    Romantic – Hahaha, I wonder how hubby feels when you drill? Hahaha, rhyming.

    Ee Fei – Remember hor? Be DIY but sometimes, must play pretend to be the weaker sex and ask for help. Baru the men can feel macho-macho. Or else their balls shrink. Hahahaha.

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