The other side of the island

After reading Peter’s blog about Balik Pulau, I decided to bring the kids for a ride to the other side of the island. One of my son had done the unforgiveable thing of tweaking my camera buttons and I returned with a load of lousy photos. Lots of photoshopping needed. Damn, for a second, I thought my camera is spoilt. Good excuse to get a dSLR Olympus that I eyed over the weekend at Tesco. (more about that next time)

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Photo of paddy field.

Anyway, it is great to show toddler that durians grow on trees. But a mistake because he went, “Thee liulian, nehhhh” all the way and back and insisted I turn every direction he pointed out. Too bad my durians on trees photos turned out too dark. Arrgggh…or else, I will give it back to toddler, “see liulian” on the desktop till he puke.

Going to Balik Pulau is sort of a homecoming for my atm. He studied till Form Three at St. George’s Balik Pulau. What I love going to Balik Pulau is my ‘young’ husband bumping into his school mates! All the apeks and ah cheks.

5xmom – Dear, that one your teacher?
5xdad – No lah, 2 years my senior.
5xmom – *pointing to coffeeshop owner* Your classmate?
5xdad – No lah, my junior
5xmom – *at mechanic shop* That one leh?
5xdad – Oh, this one? My classmate.
5xkids – Papa, why your classmate so old wan?

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Due to wrong setting and hazy sky, my photo of this beautiful church turned out like some horror movie so I photoshop it. I am going back one day to take the photos again.

It is really nice to be in Balik Pulau. We had Siam & Sour Laksa, pasembur and bought lots of local stuffs. Durian kueh is my favourite. (will blog that in my Penang Faces)

6 thoughts on “The other side of the island

  1. I didn’t go balik pulau coz somebody too lazy to drive there…cis bedebah….there goes my durian kueh…came back and my mom said “what? You didn’t go there eat durian?”

  2. S-Kay
    Actually Balik Pulau tak runtuh (jatuh) lagi, so you did not miss much. Only a few stalls. Maybe in two weeks then, it is durians everywhere.

  3. I read about Balik Pulau in Peter’s blog too.. šŸ™‚ too bad your pictures didn’t turn out.. but that gives you an excuse to go again lor.. šŸ˜‰ durian kueh also my favourite you know… šŸ˜‰

  4. mom also said not durian season yet…but still durians you knowww…….ish..the durian kueh I bough in town…hangus wan…ceh

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