Dating observations

Major jam due to long weekend and I had time to observe.

Venue : Gurney Drive

Observation #1

Young, lovely couple holding hands, walking along the waterfront. So romantic under the evening lights and stars, with rows of casuarina trees and the sound of waves, lapping on the sandy beach. Man grinning uncomfortably, looking lost. Woman, laughing and tossing her hair.

Reason? Woman was busy sms-sing (text messaging on her cellphone) and laughing, lost in her own world. She was staring at her phone and punching the buttons. Why ler she can’t leave the handphone alone and pay attention to the hunk walking next to her?

Wish I can tell her : When you are out dating, make sure the guy feels like you are treating him as if he is very important and the only person around.


Couple sitting down. Woman was fanning the man! Gosh! Is he a 2 years old baby or what? It is a breezy night mah. Is he fainting or what? His face didn’t look like he is enjoying the fanning wor. But this woman is fanning so furiously, it is comical. (on the same day, I had attended my sons’ school sports day and the Red Cresent Society also fanned a fainting athelete with the same intensity)

Wish I can tell her : Oi, stupid woman, you think you are serving the emperor or sultan kah? Leave the bugger alone lah. If he complains of heat, tell him to go jump into the sea or take you somewhere posh lah. Don’t ever be a doormat while on dates or else you will end up being stepped on every day for the rest of your life.

Do you agree? When a couple has dated for sometime, all the dirty habits will surface? Because they are comfortable with each other?

10 thoughts on “Dating observations

  1. yup, totally agwee with ya! 3 yrs into courtship then-bf showed all true colors…..wished i had left him then (still am wishing now…muahahaha :P)

  2. Wah, 3 years only show? On the first date with my atm, we went to his rented apartment to play mahjong with his apartment buddies. They asked him, “Oi, why you did not fart like you do everyday”. Hahahaha.

  3. I miss Penang…just walking along Gurney Drive….watching 50 First Dates movie with her and just holding her tight, looking out at ocean…Bliss!

    Many Happy memories for me at Penang!

  4. I agree.. Lilian..!! gotta fan b/f or husband.. surely kenna smack by me.. !! hhaha!! as if handicapped or what.. ?? cannot fan himself ah..???

  5. Should I consider myself lucky? I was friends with him for 5 months before getting together and since the first day already his dirty habits…migawddd….imagine the farts I have to bear with and the burps..LOL…but I dun mind though…we’re comfortable with each other…now I’m picking up burping just to irritate him….ahahahhaha

  6. ya ya agree, but dirty habits appearing is good mar… then u can really know if u truly love the person for tat person as the whole or not… coz in the future tat same person is the person you are goin to be with šŸ˜‰

  7. Fan my partner? Sure no problem, provided he fans me back lah. And oh yes, he better look like he’s enjoying it. Hehe.

  8. I don’t need 3 yrs. 3 months is more than enough for me to know a man’s true colour. šŸ™‚

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