Siapa makan cabai..

Siapa makan cabai, tolong beri petua. Very tame blog, donch worry. This is about parenting, not perli.

I was sweating over this plate of lunch. Indomie goreng, kari kapitan added with chili flakes, leftover chili paste from ta pau curry mee, chili lala from the can (Rex brand chili clams), artificial prawns (fish based) and some vege.


I recalled how my mom used to wash the curry chicken for me when I was small. She would take out the chicken, washed it with hot water and pour some soya sauce to flavour. I tried doing the same for my kids, hoping they would graduate to become chili kings like me. But they still can’t tahan the hot taste of chillies.

*sigh* Like my son here, he wanted to eat nasi lemak. But I would first have to separate out the white part of the rice for him. Then, he would need a can of 100Plus and an icecream to cool down. (Photo taken at Youth Park canteen. Nice Malay meehoon and nasi lemak.)


So, I wonder how do the Malay and Indian children get used to eat chillies? Are they born with a better tolerance for chillies? Like in their genes or something?

I am puzzled. My eldest son who was taken care by my mom till he was 6 years old can eat chili like a pro. But my other sons still cannot tolerate black pepper or even mild dalca curry. So, that means, I have done something not quite right somewhere. What is it?

Tolong beri petua mengajar kanak-kanak makan cabai?

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  1. Hey! My mum used to “wash” my curry chicken drumstick for me too by rolling the chicken in her rice first. Sorry off topic. Hehe.

  2. You have to show them how much you love hot food. My parents looked like they practically got lost in ecstacy when eating sambal tempoyak or masak asam pedas. Being a kid, I wanted to experience how it feels like to be in ‘lust’ so gave that tempoyak a big spoonful. My tongue went numb for the rest of the day.

    You can start with chili sauce, lol.

  3. start early, that’s what my mum does and cooking stuff that you cannot reject… how could you reject tat perfect tomyam and chicken curry?

  4. I still can’t eat cili padi – that just gives me a serious case of gastric. But I love hot food- sometimes, I just throw caution to the wind and eat it just to suffer later.
    I read about a study that discovered some people were “supertasters”. The opposite of supertasters were “nontasters” who tend to like foods that are fattier, sweeter, hotter and more bitter. So, perhaps those who can eat hot food are “nontasters”. The secret lies in the tongue apparently.

  5. i think it’s in the gene lah lilian. i demand curry maggi mee from mom when i was little but my brother eats prawn flavour. it can be learnt too like those pantai timur people unlucky enough to study in NS boarding school for example, would acquire taste for masak lemak cili padi and asam pedas by the time they finish schooling. otherwise, they have to stock up with antacid for 5 years šŸ™‚

  6. Train them to eat chilies when they are small. My parents asked us to eat cili padi when we were kindergarden so that we can survive in our own family. Our family needs chilies in every meal. Only by training since small, then only can eat chilies like king. šŸ˜€

  7. Heheh!! i never used to be a chilli queen till i moved to canada.. šŸ˜‰ now the more chilli the merrier..;) go figure..!!

  8. Just stuff them with the chiilies..haha..
    But actually…my parents never gave me chillies to eat when I was younger…i just sort of i like them!

  9. It’s something that can’t be explained. Either you can take it, or you can’t.

  10. I think ppl are just borned with it. I loved chilli/hot/spicy stuff since I was very young. That’s how I start to eat Vege (Kangkung Belacan!)

  11. Kehkehkeh, so many ideas, I sendiri pun kepala pusing. So how to start? Sumbat the cili into the mulut when they talk too much? Hahaha.

  12. You better teach your kids how to eat spicy food ASAP, or else they’ll sure miss lots of delicious food out there. šŸ˜›

    I dont like spicy food too when I’m in primary school. But then I dare myself to taste spicy food and after that spicy food is one of my fav. šŸ™‚
    Time will tells, dont need to rush them to love spicy.

  13. i teach my 2 yr old son very early… he’s only 2 but is licking cili sos like a pro. I think because he sees us always dunking something into the cili sos and he wants to try it too. I let him. I like my food pedas2 and i suap my son whatever i eat. but i don’t over do it because takut his small not-fully-developed perut tak tahan…

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