Arggh photo over bandwith (where to store?)

*sigh* *haih* I wanna kick that photobucket! I only have 35 photos, all re-sized to 400×300 pixel, reso 100. And it says, sudah over bandwith by the 4th day of the month! I have 4 accounts with Photobucket and still it shows that ugly sign -Over bandwith. *argggghhhhh*

The problem now is – It will be too hard for me to shift those photos at Photobucket to other free space. So, I am stuck with over bandwith signs.

I have one account with Flickr. Flickr is lovely. I made friends by exchanging photos (food photos). However, Flickr limits me to 20MB per month. It tells me when my limit is over. This is good. But damn Photobucket gave no warning except an email to ask me if I want to upgrade – by paying of course. Isn’t that like blackmailing?

I can rant on and on. But I shall stop here.

What is the solution?
1) Find other places like Imageshack, Walagata, Hello etc etc? I don’t quite like these sites. I can’t even activate account at Imageshack. Hello (Picasa) suxs ‘cos the photo is always so small.
2) Go stand by the roadside at Flickr and ask some angmoh to donate USD25 for me (2GB space/pro account per year)?
3) Get myself a bigger diskspace and store at my own site? I am not willing to part with money.

Whatever it is, boycott Photobucket. How can 35 photos be over bandwith? Any good idea? Please help? I am terribly sayang of my Penang Faces blog. I am doing a service to mankind by torturing them with my food photos. So, I cannot afford to let them drool over ‘Over bandwith’ signs.

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  1. I use Imageshack. I have no account there, I just upload the pic, copy the img code in my blog and that’s it.

  2. eh, i joined photobucket bcoz you use it, now you say you want to boycott, i also got to change la!!!

    aiyoo, so ma fan one…

  3. Simon – You browse through my pages and see lor. So many signs popping up.

    RB – OK, will check that out.

    Sashi – I got some ‘cookie’ error and gave up. Will back and check it out again.

  4. Envy, envy. Running out of bandwidth šŸ˜‰ blink blink.. My website still have 400MB space remain and only used up 34MB bandwidth(out of 1GB) this month. And my photolibrary still empty.

  5. Just signed up everyone Flickr, Imageshack, Walagata, Hello and store you pictures inside and you’ll have maybe 20 accounts.

  6. This is what I do to avoid bandwidth problems. I use 2 different hosts(photobucket and myonlineimages) Then I alternate between them. That way, I will not post too many pics on the same host server in a single week. Remember that each time your page loads, every pic on the page(usually one week of postings) will load. And that counts as bandwidth usage.
    Also, most of my images are around 15kb each. (Note that your Mother Day pic is already 28kb. That is a big file for a picture so small.) If I am not mistaken, all free picture hosting services impose some sort of limit. Storage limits are usually not a problem. But bandwidth limits are a killer for blogs to deal with. Try to work around it.

  7. Err, I don’t understand why you say Hello’s picture is so small lor. Under Hello setting can adjust to to what you’re using lor. i.e. 400 X 300 pixel. No problem.

    Personally, I display my pics using 320pixel @ 92dpi (or higher) using Hello while I also use to store those same images but higher resolution at 1024 X 768. If someone likes a particular picture from your blog (Hello), then can advise them to download the image from lor. Similar to 1 stone kill 2 birdies lor.

    My suggestion only la. Of course got other options la. In the end, it’s your decision lor.

  8. HI there, I have 2 solutions for you. šŸ™‚

    1. Get IMAGE RESIZER POWERTOY FOR WINDOWS XP – it resizes your images to much smaller KB but maintains the resolutions and actual size of the picture.

    It’s a very user friendly programme, u can select all your pictures, right click and click on “resize image” and you’d get your pics as small as 20-50kb only.

    If you can’t dld it off the net, can email me and I’d send it to you via email.

    2. I am using yahoo!geocities which is available to anyone who has a Yahoo! account. It allows you to store up to 15mb. I have been using them and it’s easy too. With the IMAGE RESIZER, you shld be able to host quite a bit of pics there. Start more yahoo! accounts hehehe..

    Hope all these helps.. as I also put alot of pics up on my blog but before this I had Xanga Premium and they actually didn’t enforce my 20mb space, so after 1 year 2 mths, my picture files were actually a whooping total of 120mb!! šŸ™‚ All hosted by Xanga.

  9. Either Flickr or Imageshack.

    Weird…. they shouldnt been anything wrong to do with Imageshack, but you need to login with the link in the activation mail they sent, so dont delete it.

  10. I paid the US$25. Too lazy to find other. I usually resize my pic until jpeg around 20kb-30kb per pic. šŸ˜›

    Heard my fren said flickr is good.

  11. Its annoying hey
    with blogdrive ya only allowed 30 pic’s although that is much better then it use to be and ya can make as many blogs as ya want so put pics here n there but thats annoying.
    cheerz tcz

  12. Cyber-red – Wah…I just returned from the bikini photos at your multiply. Tks for the tips.

    LcF – Beats me. I had cut down from 7 days postings to 5 days, then now I only put 3 days postings on the main index. Probably, my photoshopping skill is bad, so I end up with huge KB photos.

    Sweetspirit – Me too, I kept forgetting my email, password and even username. LOL!

    Kah Soon – That’s an attractive offer. Give me sometime to ponder. (read my other blog? camera rosak liao, sigh)

    fish fish – Flickr is fun ‘cos it is like a community. Thrilling to share food photos.

    CLF – Imageshack – I tried activating account and it says URL doesn’t exist when I clicked from my email. I copy URL into my browser also kenot. I gave up.

    …continue later. time to sleep.

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