Happy Mother’s Day


Andreas of Always WOW bought these presents. It was my idea of fleecing the gifts from him actually. I told him that I am sure his son (7 yrs old) will have an enjoyable time shopping for the mommies who are in the hospital taking care of their little children. Some of these mommies have stayed there for many weeks, months and even years. Many of them are not even aware of Mother’s Day. So, Andreas wife dropped these gifts in Bangsar for Kah Shin and it so happened that Ros, who is the leader of the group for this charity project was there. What perfect timing!

This Sunday, a group of caring, generous and wonderful women will be going to UMMC at 9.30 am to distribute the gifts to all the mothers in the paediatric wards. There are 123 beds in total and some of the generous members of MyMomsBest and bloggers had contributed cash which enables us to hire a balloonist to entertain the children in two wards (children who are not so ill).

We have a surplus of gifts and will distribute the balance to single mothers at AWAM and also another shelter home. If you all remember, there are also surplus money from baby Ryan’s New Year’s wish. These money and whatever balance from this gift giving will be donated to purchase some items for one of these charity homes. One suggestion is a sewing machine. More on this when we have sorted out the accounts.

Back to Mother’s Day. I mentioned earlier that the women who are going to distribute the gifts are “caring, generous and wonderful”. Firstly, there is no gain or publicity to this charity project. It is truly a project from the hearts of mothers to mothers.

Secondly, many of these women are actually taking a very bold step in venturing into the hospital very ill children wards (cancer, ICU). Most of them will likely break into tears seeing the children there. However, they know that they have to do something for the mothers. Being there to hug them, hold them and let them know that there are people out there who knows their hardships. These women could very well spend a happy day with their own children at home, in the park, at the restaurant etc etc but instead, they volunteered. After a trip to these places, one does not just forget the whole thing the moment they stepped out into the sunshine. The images will stay with them for several days.

Thirdly, it is not easy to pull a project like this. All the members of MyMomsBest have chipped in in several ways. As we want the gifts to be personalised, collecting so many boxes, transporting them around, distributing them takes up a lot of time, energy and effort. All these are handled by the members who are mostly breastfeeding mothers.

So, from the deepest of my heart, thank you Ros, Ninuk, Kah Shin, Hanz and all at MyMomsBest. I feel less burdened now that I know MMB can operates so well with all of you (I can retire already!). You are all the best moms in the world! Happy Mother’s Day in advance (‘cos I know many of you will be without internet connection).

And to all the bloggers and friends who participated – THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY – What are you doing for your mom? Make it special for her!

5 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Happy mother’s day to you too. My gift to my mom is that I’m usually a good girl all year round, so she doesn’t need something special on one day out of 365.

    Otherwise known as damn cheapskate. šŸ™‚

  2. I haven’t celebrated Mother’s Day with my Mom since 2001.

    To make up, I send Mother’s Day cards without fail every year and I call Mommy dearest on that day. (Doesn’t make any diff on the phone call really cos I call her every weekend)

    I also send Mom’s day cards to my host Mom in Japan. I buy 3 mother’s day cards every year! šŸ™‚

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