I love me, myself and I.

18 years old – If someone vomits, run out of room, feeling pukey and will not return to room until someone has the place disinfected and sprayed with air freshener.

28 yrs old old – If someone vomits, pretend did not see, hoping someone else can clear the mess. Pick up newspaper and pretend to read.

38+ yrs old and many kids later – If kid vomits, scoop it with bare hands. Use another hand to eat the leftover piece of food which kid can’t finish and coolly walk off to wash both hands with water and carry on with life.

Gee, I have come a long way……

* Syabas to me, myself and I.
* Happy Mother’s Day to me, myself and I.
* Thank you to me, myself and I.
* Thank God for me, myself and I.
* I love me, myself and I.
Because there is no one else greater than me, myself and I (except God, of course) because I am a mother.

All mothers are great!

Check out this website, Penny Parker for some fuzzy mothers stories.

There is a legend that says that since God could not be physically present amongst all His people at all times, He created Mothers to take His place.
Quote copy from Penny Parker website

13 thoughts on “I love me, myself and I.

  1. 36+ yo … coolly wipes off vomit off blouse and only change blouse before going to bed at nite … :).

    Happy Mother’s Day, Lilian and to all other mothers.

    Yeay … first for me …… Begged DH to buy me a card for keepsakes .. but so far … sudah 11.45pm and tak nampak bayang pun .. Ha ha …

  2. Wingz – Tenkiu
    MMG – TQ
    Pompit – Hahahaha, never mind, tomorrow (or is it today?) lift your legs up, relax and let him do everything. But if my husband, he will refer all dirty bottoms to me and tell me flatly ‘Mother’s Day means mother does everything mah, isn’t it?’

    Mystic – Thank you! Hope your blue black go away soon. What a coincidence, I was reading your adventure at Tesco.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Auntie Lilian!

    You are one of the great Mum’s that I know! You’ve been a good role Mum for so many out thre. You deserve a good celebration today. Get Uncle ATM to take you out for a good meal. Put your legs up and relax!

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