My KKC is broken!!! Oh well, never mind…

I wonder how to categorise this? Here I am, happily and boastfully, asking how to counter problems with ‘over bandwith’ photos.

My BIG BOSS up there must have overhead and said, “Tsk, tsk, tsk, my child, haven’t I taught you to be humble?”

5xmom *stammering*, “Butttttt….FFFFFather, I really have too many photos and no place to store them, Father. I have no intention of paying more money for my personal site. Father, I only spend money on websites that have community outreach, like You taught me.”

Big Boss, “Hmmmm…really? OK, I believe you, my child. Now, you said you have too many photos?”

5xmom, “Yes, Father, I have over 1,000 photos on my 80GB hard-disk. And these damn bucket mempersiasuaykan (embarassed) me with ‘OVER BANDWIDTH’ signs instead of food, glorious food of Penang.”

Big Boss, “Your wish is My command, my dear child.”

*Big Boss, zap-zapping ala 10 commandments*

Down on earth……

My toddler had memperosakkan my KKC. The shop said it will takes two weeks to repair, probably the auto-focus lense dropped. And the mysterious thing is my 256 SD card cannot be found. I suspected toddler had inserted it into the lenses but we dare not tell the shopowner. Let them find out themselves.

Oh well, never mind, my Minolta Z3 is still under warranty. Worse come to worse, I demand for a dSLR as Mother’s Day gift from my atm. Now, anyone can tell me which is the most user friendly dSLR that is affordable? I checked out Olympus (forgot model) and Nikon 70S (damn heavy). Don’t recommend a RM16,800 Canon model please. I only can afford the cheapest ciplak dSLR.

10 thoughts on “My KKC is broken!!! Oh well, never mind…

  1. Better make sure toddler didn’t swallow the SD card šŸ˜‰
    Don’t know about dSLRs, but there was a review in yesterday’s InTech bout the pentex *ist DS. Supposed to be small with lotsa features

  2. Check out Lumix (Panasonic) KKC with anti-shake function aka Mega-OIS (mega optical image stabilisation) and give us a review. šŸ˜€

  3. Neeshen, the SD card cost me about RM150, so it is an expensive snack indeed. I am very sure it is in the camera zoom lense ‘cos I can’t find it anywhere else.

    Doc – Sure, will do. But hor, Panasonic sounds like Ah-Beng-ish brand. However, the shop people did mentioned that it is a worth buy because of the Leica lenses.

    Mrs T – Please do.

    Janus – After picking up a few dSLR cameras, I get hooked to them. So solid and ‘man’. LOL! Will check out the review. Tks for popping by.

  4. Latest cameras used by professionals (chewah …..) yang below 4K is either Nikon D70S or Canon 350D.

    I hope they get to fix your camera … and you’d better check his diapers ….. just in case …

  5. Just want to remind you that

    – You can’t shoot macro photo with the include DSLR kit lens, so prepare to source out RM600 for the macro.
    – You can’t sneakily do candid shot with your DSLR compare to your KKC.

  6. ahh check out canon EOS 350D its lighter compared to 300D.its about 4k with kit lense.but the price will drop la.n also nikon D70?

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