Some blogging tips and photo ideas


I forgot from where I stumbled upon this blog. But if you are just into blogging, do read ‘A few blogging tips’ by Jim Elve. Heheheh, or you can also look through my category ‘Blogging Art’.

I found this link from ReallyBites

btw theres this project going on,where everyone can participate.You are required to take a picture on June 1st 2005 and submit it.

The kiasu me had signed up. It is simple. Just capture shots of people and post it with the others. Let’s give Malaysia a spot there?

2 thoughts on “Some blogging tips and photo ideas

  1. Thanks for the link, very nice photo! Lilian, I’m planning to buy a digital camera, still thinking going for the pro type or basic type, which one do u recommend? I found a problem in some digi camera, when we upload the pic to computer, the brightness and color is not as good as seen from the camera LCD. And what do you think of using AA battery and Litium battery?

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