Men and their affairs with the ‘3rd party’

I think many women are going to emphatise with what I am going to write. Women of all ages have to ‘suffer’ due to this unexplainable reason why men have to do what they have to do.

Scene 1
You are a sweet-young-thing, with long-hair, definitely. That hunk brought you to his place. But instead of swooning over you, he is sweating over Lollita*, leaving you mopping around, interrogated by his mother in the kitchen. (* term borrowed from dsaint)

Scene 2
You are a young mother, up to your neck with the new responsibilities of taking care of baby. But that young husband of yours have no time to help you clean dirty bottoms of your baby but his other baby. He will lovingly squat there, sweating over a pail of water and many types of ‘moisturisers, cream, wax and spray’.

I hope by now you know what I am talking about? Certainly not the two legged Lollita but the four (or sometimes two) wheels one?

Now, this is what got me into posting.

Scene 3
I have small kids, hot sun, apartment parking (i.e. no shaded porch parking nor car that is just parked within hopping distance from your front door). Imagine on a hot afternoon and one of your kid phoned you impromptu to pick him from somewhere. That means you have to dressed up, put on the sun protection layers on my pretty face, dressed toddler, screamed for #3 to change clothes and pull him reluctantly to tag along. Then, you got to pack a toddler bag (with diapers and milk) and dragged them to the car park. *sweat, sweat, sweat*

And there, under the hot sun, you have to undress that dang car. First, you have to take off the trapaulin. Hate that! Have to unhook and fold the trapaulin. Then only can start the engine and aircon. By then, sun protection cream is melting and flowing into contact lenses, making the eyes sting.

MCB, MPK, LC….under the breath. Why must men be so protective of their cars? Finally, got squirmy toddler strapped to car seat. Sweat flowing into mouth, sun protection cream leaving a horrible taste. Hop on the car and start to drive.

CB… forgot to put the wiper blades down. Two erections jutting out. Do you continue driving or do you stop and put them down? Don’t care ler, drive. It is not going to rain. Car stop at traffic lights, motorists staring from left, right and front like you are driving nekid. (Penang has lots of kpc people on bikes, ok?)

More grouses and episodes to come…Tune in frequently so that we can try to solve this mystery of men and their endearment to their stupid cars.

9 thoughts on “Men and their affairs with the ‘3rd party’

  1. wow. for a mum with that many kids, i’ve to say i admire that u can still put on contacts and slap on sunblock with toddler in tow. happy mother’s day! ^__~

  2. ahh…cars and men. Stupid betul. My dad is always late for dinner because he washes his car before that (padan muka if it rains) and he’s always wiping his car before sleep. GOsh. Thank goodness Naz isn’t like that with his car

  3. I guess I am luckier. My dad doesn’t take care of his car. He is from the other extreme, his car’s engine broke down one day in Senawang, and we all suspected he didn’t have his service done for too long! Engine completely kaput and got to buy new one – a few thousands. He also malu to admit lah! Hehehe!

  4. lzbone – Hahaha, the whole engine also can kaput. LOL!

    James – Phew… now I am wondering if I dare to go further, test water…

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