Oh gee, gua tarak gaji

Shit la, I thought I found the perfect scheme to squeeze out RM1,900 as my gaji (salary) by showing The Star to my account-nut husband.

5xmom, “Oi, this month onwards you bank-in RM1,900 for me per month ok? But cincai la, kasi discount, minus RM300 we pay to Mik (our part-time helper). RM1,600 ok?”

5xdad, the smart, savvy account-nut with his fellowship in cost and management account put on his calculator face (square, cold and stiff like calculator mah).

5xdad, “Come I show you how to calculate ok?”

RM1,900 is the financial worth of a SAHM as stated in The Star dd 8th May, 2005. The amount is made up as follows:

5xdad rattles on,
Chef RM680 (amount quoted in the newspaper)
You only prepare dinner (lunch catered), no breakfast also. So pay you RM300 enuff

Driver RM360
You goyang kaki (shake legs) at home whole day, because kids take public bus/walk.

Housekeeping RM110
You goyang kaki again.

Educator RM400
Hohohoho, your blood boils when come to coaching kids, so never coach, minus again.

Junior finance assistant RM320
HOHOHOHO, you only know how to spend money. You don’t even know the price of a kopi-O.

5xdad continues, “So, your financial worth is a mere RM300 as chef! LOL!”

5xmom retorted, “Never mind, let me go find out what is the worth of a sex worker plus masseure and I will bill you accordingly. Hahahaha. If not, I go find something expensive to splurge on. Just you wait…”

Humour is our way of life.

12 thoughts on “Oh gee, gua tarak gaji

  1. My mom read it too and she complained to my dad that she’s being under paid…LOL and said that she’s gonna keep the newspaper cutting just in case my dad turunkan her gaji one day =P

  2. Mrs T – I tried searching for the online version but couldn’t. I think it is an insult, if you ask me ‘cos they are comparing the salaries of CEO, nurses etc. RM1,900 is way, way under-paid. To think that I was earning RM4,500 when I left my job 7 years ago. But never mind, we mothers know that no one can afford to pay us, no matter with what monetary value, we are priceless. Our kids’ smiles are enough anyway.

    S-Kay – Hahaha, your mom is another ‘victim’!

  3. When I read it this morning, I too thought it was an insult. Makes you wonder about the person who let this get to print and thought it a tribute to mothers.

  4. 5xmom + 5xdad = funny couple. Wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!! Must make 5xdad buy you something expensive liao….hehe :).

  5. *laughs* i dun think my mum knows about this issue. cos we forgot to buy the Sunday Star today. oh geez, wait till i tell my mum bout it…and see how she squeeze tht RM 1900 from my dad… HAR HAR… =p

    and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to you, auntie lilian! =)

  6. Yeah, I read that article too and thought RM1.9k a month was a GROSS monetary equivalent of the kind of sacrifice a housewife makes. My mom brought me and my brother up literally single-handledly (coz dad in the army) for all close to all of our lives (mine less married years only) and I’d think she’d deserve at LEAST RM4k a month!! No maid, nothing. She did everything on her own. We’re not talking about what dad can afford, but what the monetary equivalent would have been, for her sacrifice.

  7. wow, 5XDad begitu mengira 1 woooo…what an accountant….wondering whether next time i will turn out to be like that too..sighhh

    But, luckilly my dad wasnt that..got class or holiday also bank in same amount of pocket money..kekeeke..

  8. Actually 1900 is way under estimated lah! I don’t pay for nursary, but my mom told me to take care of 1 child day+night, it costs over 1k in KL. So, 5xDad will have to pay you dearly just for that. Other than that, you are right on the last part – where got free sleeping with him wan? Also, SAHM ‘works’ 24 hours, the office workers only work 8 hours, some more got annual leave. I think on top of 1900 must add annual leave lah, etc.

  9. This one’s really funny. Should write in your opinion to The Star :p They asked for opinion wad, even provided an email addy.

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