Chieftat’s blog on Uninvited Guest brought back some childhood happy (horrors! i hope not) memories.

There are three types of rats. One is the mole rat, black fur, which lives underground, outside the home that go squeaking, squeaking at night. It will come into the house for some food. Another is the house rat, the grey type that we so often referred to. The third is the huge one which burrows and lives underground. Even cats are afraid of the 3rd type.

I am going to talk about the 2nd type, the house rat. Living in the kampung back then means living with rats and even snakes. (more about cobra and phyton next time). When I was smaller and my father was around, my household will have a riot whenever my older siblings spotted a rat. Father, brothers and sisters will have a piece of wood each and chased the vermin down and whacked it to hell. Me? I was too small then, about 5-6 years old.

Sometimes, we would use the mousecage, which is a metal cage that can be opened and placed with a piece of food to lure the rat. Best choice of food – dried sotong that had been roasted on the charcoal fire and it stinks. Or the cruel method is the mousetrap that we often see in cartoons. The kind where it snapped nastily. Not a good choice ‘cos death is messy and gory and it poses the danger of snapping your own fingers and toes.

Chieftat asked how to get rid of the rat caught in the metal cage. I had killed a lot of rats by strangulation. Step-by-step on Chief’s comment. I even got a scar on my middle finger to prove of the rat bite.

*sniff* After my father’s death, my siblings sort of went separate places, to work and study and there wasn’t anymore rat killing sessions where everyone ran around the house so noisily and happy. *sigh*, I was left with the duty of terminating rats on my own. Yeah, added to 5xmom titles – the rats terminator, besides the title of chicken killer.

Question? Why did not use a cat? ‘Cos cats only know how to eat and leave stinky shits around the house.

Ever kill a rat?