Joy of many siblings

Pleasantly surprised to find this photo in my lau-beh (old) Canon A10. My #3 had taken this photo of #2 and #5. *heart melting* Such adorable and natural siblings bonding.


Sometime ago, I also found this photo in the camera. It is just a pic of slippers. But these slippers belong to my #1 and #5. Such a huge difference there – a gap of 13 years.


And it makes me wonder. All my 4 older siblings are much, much older than me. Like the differences in the slippers. Have I missed out any joy in having siblings closer to my age? Would I have a different upbringing if I have my brothers and siblings around my age?

And I also wonder. Do we have the desire to have more children if we have more siblings? As for me, I grew up pretty much alone (‘cos older siblings gone to U, work, married etc) and so, I wanted to have several kids so that they will have lots of fun playing with each other.

Is there a connection there? More siblings = more kids?

11 thoughts on “Joy of many siblings

  1. Awwww…so cute!! I only have on sibling and she is 8 years older than I am. So we hardly ever played and we weren’t close when we were young. But things have changed since šŸ™‚

  2. Very manja picture of your boys.. Lilian.. šŸ™‚ But my personal opinion.. more siblings.. means more fights.. and more disputes.. and more discord. But that’s just my experiences.. and of course.. it’s not about anyone else.. but me.. šŸ™‚

  3. More children more money they makan!!!!

    Ahahha…nolah..actually if I were to have kids next time..I would love to have 2 boys and 2 girls…BUT heck, bukannya senang wanna have so ngam 2 B and 2 G so I’d settle for 2 kids only of whichever gender.

    I have 2 younger sisters and kesian the youngest one coz she has to be the one in the middle when me and my other sister argue

  4. I wouldn’t mind to have more siblings, that is unless I have an older brother/sister. Being the eldest among many siblings is tough. After ur parents, you are in charge of younger siblings.

    For me, being the eldest of four…is enough already. I think me mum already pening kepala wif the four of us. Me mum has 10 other siblings altogether =p

  5. Ah…very cute picture of your boys. So touching.

    I too wish to have more kids, 5 would be nice. I’ve planned them to be at least 2-3 years apart. Which I think is ideal, not too close, not too far apart.

    Since I already have two girls, a boy would be nice. But even if I get 5 girls, I would be totally grateful.

    Wish me luck!!

  6. not really leh, we havw 5 sibling both me and twinsdad, but we never thought want to have more kid. I bad in PR, so two already blow whistle until short of breath liao, I happy with what I have now.

  7. Twinsmom – When your twins are older, you will start to want a few more. Trust me, we forget easily and start on step one again.

    Along – Good for you. You know? Our Catholic church also urge us to have more children. I already achieved that, luckily.

    Paul – I am trying to find out whether there is a pattern. You are a single child, right? But nay…you are too young to think about this.

    Dracolshian – I also have another ‘parenting problem’. That is my tendency to shove everything to the eldest. Rather unfair, right? Must blog this one day and hear from the first borns.

    S-Kay – hahaha, last time when my two sisters quarelled, they threw mugs and one of them hit me. LOL! I was very young then, not sure what they were quarelling. But good thing for me, I grew up alone, no one to cari pasal with me.

    Mrs T – Definitely, more work, more money need to feed the mouth etc etc. But nvm, balance it with more fun.

    Cherry – Funny how things changed, right? At my age, now I don’t have much gap with my sisters who are 10 and 14 yrs older than me. However, I have to listen to them talking about wedding plans for their kids whilst mine are still young. Can be very enlightening.

  8. 1+2dad wish to have total 4 of the kids but on the moment we cant affort 4 of them, so we dicided to stop at 3 only (actually 2, the other one was bonus to us :P)

    I like many sibling cause when family gathering it was so much fun like 1+2dad father side about 17 sibling and mother side got about 7 or 8 sibling. We enjoy every family gathering šŸ™‚

  9. fish fish – Yeah, it says a lot, ya? I treasure that too.

    1+2 mom – That’s right, more kids more fun. Never mind, you have three also very ‘lau yit’ already.

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