Doktor, kasi MC

#3 (8 yrs old) complained of headache, has a slight fever plus vomitting. Refused to see doctor but I co-erced him into going with the promise that he can skip school tomorrow. Earlier, he told me he cannot do his Pendidikan Seni (art lesson) because of headache and the teacher let him take a nap instead.

He is very familiar with the paediatrician, Dr. C.

After all the examination, saying ‘ahhhh’ etc etc, Dr. C told me it is a viral thingy. No antibiotic needed except for some ponstan syrup. #3 was active like a monkey.

Dr. C : So, David, tomorrow you can go to school?

#3 : Give me MC from Monday. *goofy grins*

Dr. C : Monday? You know what day is today?

#3 : I know……Wednesday mah

Dr. C : Tomorrow is what day?

#3 : Thursday, then Friday

Dr. C : Then, why you want Monday? Monday over already.

#3 : Give me FOUR days starting from next Monday lor

*whole clinic with 4 nurses and 5xmom – roll eyes and LOL*

Dr. C : Your exam over?

#3 : No exam yet.

Dr. C : Ok lah, cincai lah, I give you two days -tomorrow Thursday and Friday, you also get four days including Saturday and Sunday.

Dr. C said to 5xmom – Hahaha, they are starting younger and younger.

The last time, #3 went to see Dr. C, he asked if Dr. C can give him the whole MC book. Dr. C told him he can sell MC to his classmates. See? It is not my fault.

18 thoughts on “Doktor, kasi MC

  1. MC very valuable, remember log long time ago there was once when i don’t submit my MC, my primary school teacher give me 0 mark for my homework. But i really sick what.

  2. hi. read your comments in mr kiasu blog. read your blog. envious. perhaps it is time for me to settle down, find a girlfriend, get married and have bunch of kids. something is missing in life.

  3. cute! šŸ™‚
    I was like that too. Don’t like to go to school when I was in primary. I get free MC’s cos our family doctor is my dad’s good friend. So whenever we wanna go for a holiday during a school day, he’ll give me a MC for a few days saying that I have acute migraine and need to rest šŸ˜›

  4. Which Dr this? Giving Ponstan for kid with vomiting is a no-no. Good for fever/pain, but bad for tummy.

  5. Hi Huajern – Thanks for the concern. My son is not vomitting as in vomitting but just vomit once because of the headache he was experiencing. He is fine now, thank you.

    Cherry – Hahaha, good doc!

    Mrs T – He is getting a handful,too talkative.

    Patrick – Thanks for dropping by. Hahaha, please do. Having kids is a great.

    Kiasu – Some schools are stricter than others, some don’t bother.

  6. Hehe…memories of childhood.My family doctor, who is mum’s uncle gave us a entire MC book , when dun feel like going to school or feel like taking off for long breaks, just fill only…hehee..

  7. Lilian, the world is getting advanced.. kids are excelling best in being kids.. brilliant kids. Your #3 is indeed one of the many ‘future kids’ of our country… clever! I wish I was as ‘early’ as #3..

  8. Hey Lilian,
    with the headache and vomitting…. does your son have migraines??? I used to have that as a kid in malaysia and was told yeah I got “air” cos I got wet in the rain during chicken pox ( or measles I forget) I was diagnosed only with migraines when we moved overseas.

  9. wah, your kids so funny la. next time when they start working shud be pro at ths mc one man…

    i’ve not taken MC for about a year, everybody in my office sick also come to work one…

  10. Babe – Yes, indeed!
    Simon – Hahaha, I was an MC queen. It is easier being a woman, just tell doc, ‘period pain’.

    Romantic – It is the flu season here where kids fall sick every where. I don’t think it is migraine.

    Amusee – Hahaha, actually it is good to take out a sick kid from school rather than infecting even more kids. At his age, it is not so bad. But in kindy, it can be nightmarish especially when irresponsible parents sent their obviously very ill kids to kindy and spread to the whole kindy.

    Mystic – Another lucky gal!

    Surfnux – Hahaha, this one not so good to be smart.

  11. šŸ™‚ Your son must be very comfortable with the paed. I always wanted MC whenever I was sick, but never dare to say so to doc. He is a confident kid, I must say.

  12. WOo hOo !! Way to go #3 !! Haha.. Wish I can do this when I go to the doctor’s, maybe should try Dr Liew’s RPC šŸ˜› , hope I dont get a spanking on the arse for being over the boundary :PpP

  13. Chu Chai – If you are leng lui, with long hair, big eyes, maybe you can try RPC. Otherwise, you will get blogged as Shepherd Loong.

    fish fish & lzbone – My son is very familiar with the paed because last time, the doctor used to be Vincent’s doctor so they meet often. He has great communication skills with kids.

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