If I could be…a midget stripper or proctologist

I will just copy this over from Jinny’s blog. She pass this to me.

Ok, I got tagged for this…

What follows is a list of different occupations. The reader must select at least five of them. The reader may add more if they like to the list before they pass it on (after the reader select five of the items as it was passed to the reader). Of the five selected, the reader is to finish each phrase with what he would do as a member of that profession. Then pass it on to three other bloggers.

Here’s that list:

If [Reader] could be a scientist // If [Reader] could be a farmer
if [Reader] could be a musician // If [Reader] could be a doctor
If [Reader] could be a painter // If [Reader] could be a gardener
If [Reader] could be a missionary // If [Reader] could be a chef //
If [Reader] could be an architect // If [Reader] could be a linguist
If [Reader] could be a psychologist // If [Reader] could be a librarian
If [Reader] could be an athlete //
If [Reader] could be an innkeeper // If [Reader] could be a professor
If [Reader] could be a writer // If [Reader] could be a backup dancer
If [Reader] could be a llama-rider // If [Reader] could be a bonnie pirate
If [Reader] could be a midget stripper // If [Reader] could be a proctologist
If [Reader] could be a TV-Chat Show host // If [Reader] could be a pariah…
If [Reader] could be an actor // If [Reader] could be a judge
If [Reader] could be a Jedi // If [Reader] could be a mob boss
If [Reader] could be a backup singer // If [Reader] could be a CEO
If [Reader] could be a movie reviewer // If [Reader] could be a monkey’s uncle
If [Reader] could be a bible archaeologist //I f [Reader] could be a househusband
If [Reader] could be a lifeguard //I f [Reader] could be a comic artist

Ahh.. so here are my five picks.

1) If I could be a farmer, I will rear only studs and hire only handsome Pakistani labourers.

2)If I could be a midget stripper, I will make sure that I make every one of my spectators impotent due to psychological trauma and that they will never dare to venture into strip tease joints again.

3)If I could be a monkey’s uncle, I will teach my monkey-nephews to snatch expensive cameras for me if the idiotic photographers abuse their (monkey) privacies. Damn, I don’t even know what this implies. Anyone know?

4) If I could be a proctologist, I swear I will not discriminate my patients nor question their sexual preferences.

5) If I could be a lawyer…I will sue the three persons I am going to pass this to if they did not take up this challenge.

My next three victims will be:
Reallybites – because she got a weird sense of humour
Mr Kiasu – to find out what Kiasu wants to be
Mumsgather– My fellow mommy blogger

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  1. Yay… Aiya, should have thought of suing all the three tagged people also. But too bad 5xmom very sporting, so cannot sue 🙁 LOL!

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