Indulge to pay off guilts

As parents, we splurge on our kids. They have never been short of the latest toys, fads, gadgets and whatever they fancy. I was especially freehanded when I was working. I would not think twice of grabbing something expensive for them during my lunch hour. It was sort of like paying off my guilts for not being able to be with them.

Even if the toys went beyond RM100, I would reason with myself that it is only a day’s salary. So, toys and books kept piling up. Simon’s blog made me recalled some of those stuffs where I had to buy in two or even three units of the same toys so that the kids won’t fight over them. E.g. is the horribly annoying Furby.

Recently, when I had to clear up my other house, we found probably several thousands of Ringgit Malaysia worth of toys that my kids have outgrown. We kept only two big boxes of Lego blocks which hopefully, the toddler will enjoy later.

Since we became a single-income family, we are more frugal. Now, I view most things in terms of the number of meals we can have. E.g. If my kid wants to buy a RM400 model ship, I will probably mutter under my breath something like, “aiyoh, RM400? Can eat for a whole month liao, you know?”

So, my kids will get the message and have less urge to spend. It works in getting them to be more thrifty. We try to cut down on all those things (through what we learnt from our parenting experiences) that the kids will be bored with in no time.

There are many things that can make a child happy – which comes free.

(Photo filtered with ‘photocopy’ setting)

A walk in the park, a trip to the beach or a night out by the waterfront, they are all free.

To the uninitiated parents, breakdance and doing handstand are the fads now.

Have you ever been in my shoes – paying off the guilts?

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14 thoughts on “Indulge to pay off guilts

  1. Always. And never be able to say no for too long. Love my boy way too much, and hey – I can play with his toys as well. Lol

  2. You make me miss my Lego when I saw that pic. I never did like Barbies…maybe I was abit tomboyish when I was a kid. Splurging on kids is alright but I always believe that one should never go overboard coz it’ll eventually spoil the child. But if they want books…I dun think I’ll say no to them….hehehe…..

    I want toys too……

  3. children actually appreciate our company better than they do toys.
    i mean when my children were smaller, they used to play with the box the toy came in !
    we let our children know too if a toy is too expensive and teach/help them to save for it if they still really want it. mose of the time they do understand and won’t make a fuss.

  4. oh, you meant the furby… yeah i remember those… look like the mogwai from gremlins.

    did you know my mom saved most of my toys including my LEGO and gave them to my daughters? I’ll probably keep them too for my grandchildren…

  5. Simon – Yayaya, silap reference I made yesterday. I hate the ‘domowitty, hungry, snorrre…’ Lego is a worth buy, so is Lasy.

    Lynee – Thank you! Already visited.

    Chief – Kids will listen if we tell them nicely. But I also tried to shield them from too much worries. ‘Cos they also pick up the signals and worried. *sigh* Hard to be a parent, right?

    S-Kay – Books! I love them. I also spoilt my kids by buying the whole series of Enid Blyton! End up I read more than them ‘cos some of the books are ‘girls’ stories. They prefer those non-fiction, science related ones.

    Andreas – It is good to re-live those childhood.

  6. Oh no! should have read your blog before I went for lunch. Just spend RM100 on puzzles and toys for Alysha. My justification, not sending her to preschool for a while ma… still saving lots of money

  7. My bro oso splurge on his kids bcoz he reasoned that he’s always not around to play with them so a typical trip to Toys R Us will be spending lots of marnee (exp by Msian standards lor).

  8. fish fish – I am so surprise to get that finishing too. The original photo showed my sons with all the bones sticking out, like African children, so I wanted to hide them. LOL! And it turned out like drawing.

    Mystic – Hahaha, every parent loves to pamper their kids.

    Sharmira – Never mind, only a day’s pay. Cheap only. Hahaha. Once we become mummies, we spend less on ourselves, so it is still good to spend on our babies.

  9. I remember back when I was young, I used to asked my mum to buy me toys, but back then the economy wasnt veli good and my mum cannot afford “unnecessary” spending flowing around. So I dont have much toys and have to make do with any toys or contraption that I can come up with.

    And Im proud to say I have a VIVID imagination (when you are only playing with minimal toys tend to imagine all sorts of scenarios :P) and I dont simply splurge on anything I see or feel I wanto get.

    I dont agree on spoiling the child or splurging them toys, but HECK.. wat do I know, not there yet wont know the pinch rite ? šŸ˜› hehe.. Pray to god that when the time comes I will know whether Im “over” splurging on my kids or not..

    Remembering this phrase my mum used to tell me… “Mummy say NO means NO” …. but that was then…. Now… *thinks deeply, fades into oblivion*

  10. Kids are so lucky nowadays, they have so much. My daughetr gets soo much that a few times i have actullay taken her old presents (still unwrapped) rewarp them and give to her again under the tree..LOL she doesnt know

  11. Nope.. not yet have money to pay off guilt..hahah! I very terrible one lah.. ! even when i go blogging or read blogs.. when chloe is awake.. i feel SO guilty… !! so i doubt i can just work.. and leave her on her own.. i will prolly die of guilt everyday.. emotionally.
    I donch blog or read blogs.. when she is awake.. šŸ™‚

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