To adsense or not to adsense…

Recently, LiewCF gave me some suggestions to think about. Coming from LiewCF, I better give some thoughts about it. I am contemplating because my other blog, Penang Faces does have a steady stream of visitors. Adverts for hotels in Penang and etc probably will serve as a useful link for foreigners. Can anyone tell me whether Google really pays?

However, if I do install Google Adsense, it will be only for Penang Faces but not this blog. Why? Because I have no faith in it as a money earner. Can really earn money meh? Really ah? Enough for me to pay for a year subscription to Flickr or not? UDS24.95.

You see, I really do not enjoy seeing advertisements like what I saw this afternoon at one of the website. It gives me the feeling like Google adverts are religion hypermarkets. What I saw was something like ‘Find Bible yadda yadda’. Then another one, Find Hare Krishna yadda yadda and further down Find Buddhism yadda yadda.

I cannot imagine the kind of advertisements that is going to pop up on my personal blogs. Really, really cannot visualise.

I may jump on the wagon too. Just tell me that it does pay, even if it is USD2.95.

It pays? Really? Sure?

7 thoughts on “To adsense or not to adsense…

  1. No need AdSense lah Lilian. When your Penang blog got enuf “liew” adi, you compile into book and sell lah. Make more money that way and doing your share to contribute to Penang tourism. šŸ˜€

  2. hi lilian, actually u can try in penang faces and maybe contribute the earnings to charity or something. Although my adsense still stands at a mere USD2.14 hehe….its worth the try. Yes google pays but only untill you exceed USD100 loh….so untill i reach that amount i still dont know if they REALLY pay. But, I’ve read in 1 of em blogs before (malaysian) that he actually received the cheque from google and he took pictures of the cheque as well. Sorry i cant remember the blog but then its good enough to get me trying. šŸ˜‰ No Harm ma…..just please dont put too much of them ads less u look like the classifieds…..hehe…

  3. Yes, Google pays, no doubt about that.

    But when you cash in your US$100 cheque, you actually only get about US$90 or so due to bank fees (international bank cheque clearing fees, etc, etc.) and it takes nearly 1 month for the cheque to clear.

  4. yeah google really pays. with a cheque that has the google logo on it šŸ˜›

    3 months = $112 USD.

    i’m keeping my cheque on hold and only request payment with a bigger amount to save on processing fee.

  5. Woohoo…I have sign up but needs the mail from Google says need one or two days to review. *Rubbing hands in glee.* Thanks for all the feedbacks!

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